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From the bulletin board system to Classmates.com and ICQ to the Vine video app - the evolution of social networks at a glance.

I have often shed light on the history of social media here in the blog. Most of the time, however, an English-language source served as the basis - not a big problem, but for some readers perhaps a reason not to look carefully.

Against this background, it makes perfect sense to shed light on the history of social networks once again using a German-language source: As Haufe / Acquisa recently did.

The short but eventful history of social media started with the bulletin board system (BBS) developed in the 1970s, a forum-like system in which users could exchange data, messages and other information on public boards: The first was via public boards Ward Christensen and Randy Suess started dial-up BBS in 1978.

Classmates.com was launched in 1995 as the first Internet site similar to social media: The online community is primarily used to search for and maintain contacts between former school and university friends. Classmates.com already had many components of modern social networks as it was today 20 years ago.

The latest social media services are the messenger Snapchat from 2011 and the video app Vine, which was launched in 2012. And Facebook, which was launched in 2004, with its postings from early November according to Mark Zuckberg's 1.55 billion active users, is the uncrowned leader among all the booming platforms.

Source: Contential / Haufe

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