What is the most valuable game you have

Your training as a game designer - option: Bachelor

Game design & game play
Basics of game development and design techniques, analysis of games of all genres on different platforms, game theory, reward systems, game mechanics, conception and design of game elements

Game project
In the second year of training, a game concept that is as marketable as possible is created in an interdisciplinary project, which is also implemented together with the game developers. You can find the games of the last few years in the game study papers with the subtitle "Game development in the field of game design and game development".


3D visualization & game art
Design and modeling of objects and sceneries with 3ds MAX and Maya, polymodeling of your own character and its animation, game worlds in Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine, photo-realistic and surrealistic imagery, high-poly modeling, sculpting (Mudbox and ZBrush), texturing (Substance Painter)

Planning, developing and implementing 2D and 3D animations, working with After Effects, creating key-frame animations with Blender or Maya

Concept art: illustration and digital painting
Analog drawing (on paper), digital drawing and coloring (with a graphics tablet), storyboard

Film design and production
Conception and realization of game trailers, light / sound camera technology, film and sound editing, effects

Online games
Developing internet applications and games with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and jQuery

Image editing and photography
Creation, editing, assessment of image material in Photoshop and Illustrator, camera technology, photo montage, textures for 3D work

Game Publishing and Marketing
Operational and strategic marketing, marketing your own game idea, working with a content management system

Media law
Legal issues in connection with media, e.g. copyright, naming rights, trademark law

More subjects
Mathematics, economics, English, communication, health promotion, media law

Data center practice and gamelab
After the end of the lesson, the computer systems and the Gamelab are at your disposal for exercises on weekdays.