How can I make money with Unity

Most developers use Unity - but you make money with Unreal

The development environments Unity and Unreal have always been contrary to one another. And game developers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a game engine. However, a survey by the British business analysis company now revealed that the majority of VR developers, 59%, work with Unity.

Developers rely on Unity

Most of the 1000 titles with the largest free-to-play games are based on Unity. In addition, more than half of the Daydream apps were developed with Unity. But the game engine is not only dominating in virtual reality. Half of all console and PC games and almost 70% of all published titles in the mobile gaming sector use the development environment.

This difference in forces could not always be foreseen. Because the Unreal Engine, which came onto the market in 1998 together with the first-person shooter Unreal and is based on C ++, was extremely popular with developers from the start. Last but not least, the game engine of the developer studio Epic Games, with its modular structure and its high performance, supported the rapid development of the game area in the then strongly growing mobile sector.

Unity, which was originally founded as a company by a Dane, Icelander and German, initially focused primarily on producing better 2D and 3D graphics in the mobile sector. Since then, the engine can look back on strong growth in usage: In 2016, 16 million games based on Unity were installed - an increase of 31% compared to 2015.

You make more money with Unreal

But even if Unity, which uses the programming languages ​​C # and UnityScript, is clearly on the advance, developers currently still earn money mainly with the Unreal engine, which relies on C ++. Because even if Unity has more end users, more than 10 billion US dollars were made in 2016 with games based on Unreal. This is not least due to the fact that Unreal continues to be used in the high-end development area for demanding games, while the majority use the Unity runtime and development environment.

However, at least for the company Epic, there does not seem to be any great competition between the two engines. At least if you go according to the statements of Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic. Because even if Unity should dominate the market in the games sector, there are still numerous other areas in which the Unreal engine would be used. From hotel designers to car manufacturers, many different economic sectors are betting on Unreal. NASA is currently working on visualizing a Mars mission with the Unreal technology.