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Translation of "Politiklandschaft" in English

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political landscape
The result of the European elections have the political landscape changed a lot.
That will be the European one political landscape fundamentally change.
Instead of the political landscape, as intended to calm down, the anger boiled over.
Over the past two years we have seen the political landscape has become more pro-European in Serbia.
In the past two years, we have witnessed the political scene in Serbia becoming more pro-European.
After the crisis becomes a new economic and political landscape have arisen.
In this way, it is hoped, the will political landscape stabilized even further.
The political landscape has recently changed on both sides of the Atlantic.
Even before sunrise it could be seen that the entire political landscape lay in ruins.
The political landscape is also different in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe.
This process has that too political landscape Thoroughly changed Sri Lankans.
Since taking office, Chavez has tried that political landscape fundamentally change in Venezuela.
Since taking office, Chavez has attempted to make significant changes to Venezuela's political landscape.
Nevertheless, there is also the German one political landscape moving.
A rapid ride through the begins political landscape Germany.
The political landscape Switzerland is characterized by stability.
The political landscape is in a state of upheaval.
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