Can breast binders be harmful

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Hello to the whole team!
I have a question about binders that came up recently through a conversation.
An acquaintance told me that binding was dangerous; gave me no reasons why.
I was just about to buy a GC2B binder, as everyone said that this company was sometimes the best.
That just makes me very insecure, because even if I am dysphoric, I am not always so and accordingly I do not want to suffer any damage to my chest or ribs.
Best regards,

CN: Descriptions of possible injuries when tying

Hello J,

There is no simple yes-or-no answer to this question - in and of itself, your acquaintance is not wrong, binding can be dangerous. But the emphasis is on “can”, and there are many ways to ensure your safety.

What can definitely be dangerous is tying your chest with non-elastic gauze bandages or other non-elastic material - especially if too much pressure is built up, it can damage the ribs and this is really risky.

With a correct binder (e.g. from gc2b) you are definitely on the safe side: These binders are made of elastic material and in the right size they do not build up too much pressure, they let you breathe easily and can even do so if they fit properly be comfortable. Even if you are wearing a tie, you can continue to ensure your safety, e.g. by taking care of your body, not wearing the tie for too long at a time, drinking enough and taking off the tie immediately if there is any sign of breathlessness or pain. If there is a doctor that you trust, then you probably can. Talk to the binder there too or bring it with you - many doctors, however, barely or not at all know their way around and can therefore react skeptically. So decide for yourself if talking about it is an option for you. However, nobody can forbid you to wear the tie, not even doctors.

In any case, you shouldn't let yourself be unsettled if you want to wear a tie. Simply find out everything you want to know in order to feel safe, e.g. in our Binder brochure. Many people wear binders on a daily basis and have no problem with them, so it's definitely worth a try! Especially if you are still unsure at the beginning, you can only wear the tie at home for an hour or two and test yourself out a bit.

All the best with the binder!
Best wishes,