What myth have you not heard again?

5 myths about personal branding

5 myths about personal branding


Myth 1: You always have to wear your branding colors

When I heard that for the first time, I was very surprised. Sure, branding is important, colors are part of your branding and if you like to wear pink and that happens to be your branding color, then it's great! But I have turquoise as my main color, for example. And I almost never wear it. Maybe in summer. I haven't made myself crazy to find turquoise clothes either! I prefer to wear black and white. These 2 colors are also part of my branding. Even then, my graphic designer, who developed my branding, didn't ask me what my favorite colors were. Your branding must match you and your topic in terms of color and you must like it. And very important: it should be reflected in all of your materials, in your appearance, be it your website, social media channel, business cards, workbooks, etc. But because of that you don't have to wear it on every picture. The recognition takes place through the overall impression: I am on Instagram, see the feed, then I come to your LinkedIn profile and there you use the same profile picture and I recognize you again.


Myth 2: You have to show your private life

That is clearly wrong. In no case do you have to show your private life on social media. You should let your personality flow into it, but that doesn't mean that you address your problems or your love life or your children there, for example. Sure, there are many who are okay with that. But if it doesn't feel right to you, then don't do it! In episode 12 I shared 5 ideas on how you can incorporate your personality without sharing private matters. Personal is not private! If you are interested in the topic, please have a look at my article How much personality do I have to show on social media ?.


Myth 3: You have to be an influencer to build a personal brand

Oh yes, I thought so too. Personal Brands were famous people for me: musicians, actors - stars! And so I thought that if I try to set up a personal brand for myself now, it won't do anything anyway. And of course: the big personal brands with tens of thousands of followers are above all celebrities. Top athletes, actors or models.

But let me tell you: Personal branding works on a small and large scale. With 100 followers as well as with ten thousand. A real myth that many people believe in when they start with social media!


Myth 4: You have to have a super exciting life to show yourself off

This is very often an assumption made by my customers. But an exciting life is always in the eye of the beholder. Your everyday life is also exciting enough to share on social media. Because we humans love to play little mice and to see the everyday life of others. It is important that you do not share all the banalities, but in any case a lot from everyday life. And I can promise one thing: it's just a matter of practice. Just start and give yourself a try.


Myth 5: You have to post daily to be visible as a personal brand

True to the motto a lot helps a lot. I immediately think of my self-experiment in April of this year. My goal was to do one post every day for 30 days. And one with valuable content and not just anything. My conclusion was that I stopped this self-experiment after 16 days. It just took me a lot of time and didn't affect my reach at all. So I hardly felt any change from the daily posting. So post 3-4 times a week, with real added value and personality and target-oriented.


Do not believe everything that is told to you

There are many things that make perfect sense, but you don't have to put all of them into practice. A customer of mine recently told me that she was going crazy for reading so many tips and tricks everywhere. And unfortunately not all of them are always correct or important. It is important that you decide for yourself what your goals are and then strategically build your personal brand. So that it fits your life, your business and you. We all want lightness and that's how it should feel! It should be easy and simple and not constrained or restrictive.

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