How can I know my way around better?

Usage examples for "knowing" in German

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When it comes to top-class sport, one must first of all know about.volume_upmore_vert
We must also ensure that no new social explosive arises between those who are know about, and those who are not know about.volume_upmore_vert
But the next speaker should be a little better on this subject know than I.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishYou have to deal with the problems know aboutthat we're talking about today volume_upmore_vert
EnglishIt was in this gentleman's house here in Potomac, if you're in Maryland know about.volume_upmore_vert
I like “climate crisis” better than “climate catastrophe”, but again, I need help from people who are involved with brand development know about.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThe ones who deal with cars know, may know that this engine was just used in the Mazda RX8 volume_upmore_vert
The tax commissioner shouldn't be on these issues know about, no problem, then Mr. Barroso will step in volume_upmore_vert
When it comes to making decisions, perhaps one should also seek the opinion of experts, of artists who know about.volume_upmore_vert
As far as the issue of advisors is concerned, we of course often have the difficulty that precisely those who are not so knowrelying on the help of advisors
We can only work transparently and meet our accountability if all decision-makers are familiar with the budget and also with the backgrounds know about.volume_upmore_vert
In my opinion, one should also have the courage to say that different people who are good with Islam know aboutwho have condemned the current situation in Afghanistan
When we talk about preventive measures, we of course know that in order to be able to take preventive action, you understand yourself know about and needs to be well informed
EnglishThe ones of us who are in this House know, know how difficult it is sometimes to get something, no matter how little, from the Council. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishIf you are good at HTML and JavaScript know about, you can assign a report channel code to ad units based on the sources they are sending traffic from; volume_upmore_vert
I am sure that my colleagues who work in this field know about, will be happy to provide the requested information at a future opportunity
I am completely surprised. pleasantly surprised that so many MPs are so interested in the fight against doping and are so good at it know about.volume_upmore_vert
For those of us who are not doing so well know about, this may seem a little complicated, but it's pretty straightforward in the end. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThese are people who work at sea and who want to do what they get themselves to do with know, even if they put a lot at stake in the process. volume_upmore_vert
In conclusion, I come to three speeches about something in which I feel better know about should as in the postal services, namely to compete. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishIt's the only one I know about volume_upmore_vert
It's to put on boots and walk through and know our way around
EnglishI admit he knows a thing or two about skydiving
He seems to know about it - or to have dealt with it - and I am grateful to him for that volume_upmore_vert
He is your personal contact person who is very familiar with your business area
I have to admit frankly that I do not know all the details of mine clearance operations. Volume_upmore_vert
German "Yes", I replied, "although I am not very familiar with frogs. Volume_upmore_vert
Everyone criticized the agency, even if most of them were completely unfamiliar with mammography studies. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishAnd if you don't know about it, your hands will be instantly bloody. Volume_upmore_vert
In a house like this, someone is always needed who knows what ... volume_upmore_vert
EnglishMr President, Chancellor Bismarck, who knew his way around European politics, had coined the phrase that in a system of three powers one had to be one of the two
Five and a half thousand roll-call amendments, 50,000 additional votes in five years, none of us can say that we really know our way around
For someone who is familiar with international relations, that is an enormous achievement, not just for Belgium, but for the whole of the Union
EnglishMr Virrankoski, of course, shows great understanding and I know that because of his past he is really well versed in this area
EnglishMr President-in-Office of the Council, as I know my way around the history of the Balkans, I would like to remind you that the peoples of Yugoslavia have lived together peacefully for decades
Anyone who is familiar with the business knows that it is simply not possible to withhold the money for a year. Volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe use - you can see that I am not very familiar with this - at least we use satellite imagery to monitor deforestation in this region. Volume_upmore_vert
When it comes to a scientific problem, Mr Byrne is just as incompetent as any scientist who is ignorant of prions
EnglishSomething that I am very familiar with - these guidelines, for example, an Airbus has two engines; you can fly with just one motor
Since I am somewhat familiar with research, I can say that the EU's research program for the research process unfortunately involves many superfluous detours
EnglishIf Brazil falls, anyone who knows the subject will confirm, Wall Street will fall too, and if Wall Street falls, the consequences for Europe will be terrible. Volume_upmore_vert
As for Amendments Nos 11, 12 and 13 on classic swine fever, I leave that question to Mr Mulder, who knows pigs much better than I do! Volume_upmore_vert
If there is a Commissioner who is not very familiar with agriculture, then she will just attend a catch-up course and take her examination in writing