Eating Gujarati omelets

Shri Gujarati Mandal, Chennai (Madras)

Today I went to Thali with my wife. The waiter took two of the empty cups from my plate to fill dal and gravy vegetables. While he picked up the empty cups and put them back, he held both cups in the ... cups with two fingers in one hand. When I pointed this out, he blatantly lied that he hadn't put his finger in the sauce. I was stunned by the casualness while the owner behind the cash register just watched the whole thing in silence. Then I took the 2 cups out of my plate and put them on the table. What's even more shocking is that he poured dal and sauce back into his larger hand jar to serve other customers. I was shocked and told this to the owner. The owner was more casual. He told me that since I hadn't eaten it (jhootha nahi kiya), he put it back in the main vessel. Disgusting attitude. We just went out of the place. When I came out I told the owner that the waiter kept his finger in the cups. The owner says, "Then how will he lift the cups without sticking his finger in?" Huh! ! ! ! ! Can't we lift cups by putting our fingers around them and NOT inside them? Pathetic, lying and unsanitary waiter, arrogant and mindless owner. Another owner, who was standing near the checkout, thanks me (and indirectly asks me to get out so other customers don't feel what I was complaining about). Never go to such a crass restaurant.More