How can I master chess endings

Endgame basics

King and pawn against king. The king is before the pawn (part 1)

A position that everyone must be able to do! If you master this exercise, you can win a game with the smallest possible advantage. Since you cannot checkmate with a pawn, you have to convert it to a queen (let's just assume you know how to checkmate with a queen). So you have to get your pawn to e8, but the enemy king is in your way. So find a way to control the e8 square with your king.

King and pawn against king. The king is before the pawn (part 2)

If you want to play chess at tournament level, you have to be able to win this final too. Take the previous endgame as an example to convert your pawn. Usually it is correct to first move the king to the most optimal square and then to move the pawn. As long as you hold the king in front of the pawn and don't allow your opponent to come into the opposition, you won't have any problems in this position either.

King and 2 pawns against king

Can you win this final on the first try? It's not as easy as it looks, because you have to watch out for stalemates, especially when the black king is in the corner! You will have to give up one of the farmers to get ahead! Remember the last exercises and make sure to control the entry area of ​​the second pawn with your king.

King against king and pawn

Can you draw this final against a computer? It's actually very easy. Just run into the corner with your king and stay there!

King and 2 pawns against king. Pawns separated by a line.

Can you only win with the pawns? Pawns that are only one line apart will cover each other if you get it right. As soon as the black king attacks a pawn you have to ask yourself: How can I make it impossible for my opponent to take this pawn safely? Then you get your king to help and you will be assured of victory.

Bahr's rule: a typical win

What is the easiest way to win in this position? You give up your g-pawn and thereby gain the time to beat the black pawn and convert your a-pawn into a queen. You just have to make sure that the black king doesn't get to the a8-square in time. You can prevent this by first pulling the a-pawn forward as far as possible before giving up the g-pawn.

Bahr's rule: a typical draw

Now that you know how to win (you won the previous exercise, didn't you?), You should now try to keep this endgame draw. Black wants to sacrifice the b-pawn and then run to the h-file to capture your pawn and convert his own to h1. The right strategy, on the other hand, is to move your own h-pawn as far as possible, so that Black needs more time to beat your pawn and you can bring your king to h8.

Pawn endgame: pressure to move

I know. You want to win fast, but you need to think a little first. "Zugzwang" is when a player actually doesn't want to move at all, but has to do it. In this position you would be forced to move after 1.Ke6, because Black will move 1 ... Kc5 and then every move you make will throw you into disaster, because you would be forced to move. So try to force Black to act yourself.

Pawn endgame: triangular moves

Do you know how to use triangles? If you manage to get Black to move in this position by moving correctly in a triangle, then Black has to let your king get to his pawn.

Pawn endgame: The removed passed pawn

Danger! If you win this endgame against the computer, you will win most endgames against human opponents too. Normally in this position you use your passed pawn to distract the opposing king and then empty the kingside with your own king, but don't forget: the king is an attacking piece in the endgame!

Pawn endgame: The active king

In this exercise you will learn everything you need to know about the active king! Break into the opposing position and put the other king under pressure. Then a few more simple moves and you've won!

Pawn endgame: The active king

Patience is a virtue! Don't rush into this position, use the active position of your king as much as possible.

Pawn endgame: break-in 1

To win this endgame you need an active king. First you have to win the black pawn. If you keep in mind that kings are never allowed to stand side by side, this shouldn't be too difficult - after that, all you have to do is be careful not to stalemate your opponent.

Pawn endgame: break-in 2

You know your way around active kings very well, right? Don't worry about the opposition. You are so much more active that you can easily win all of your opponent's pawns, and thus the game too.

Pawn endgame: lock out

Advance the pawn! Or not? To be able to win this endgame you have to keep the opposing king as far away from the pawns as possible, otherwise the king will beat your pawn. Keeping the king out of the action is therefore a top priority.

Pawn endgame: lock out 2

The first thing you have to realize is that Black will win the white pawn. Do you know why? And then you have to defend yourself. Find the best square for your king.

Pawn Endgame: The Right Timing

Warning: This exercise is not as easy as it looks. You have to think carefully about when to move the h-pawn so that your opponent cannot end up in an opposition.

Pawn endgame: opposition

Do you know this famous endgame study ?! It is a beautiful demonstration of the power of the opposition. If you have done all of the previous exercises, you should also find the right idea here to hold a draw.

Pawn endgame: opposition and flanking

Can you win this "dance of kings" and thus prove that you have become a true master of pawn endings? You have to use the opposition here and attack from a flank! But think carefully about which flank you are attacking on and don't forget that your king cannot move to e5.

Pawn endgame: stay in opposition

Can you navigate through this minefield ??? If you don't give up the opposition (and watch out for pawn breakthroughs), White will not be able to win despite the extra pawn.

Pawn Endgame: Horizontal Opposition

You have just defended a similar position with the vertical opposition. This position looks even darker, because the black king has invaded your position. Nevertheless, with the right defense you can hold the position!

Pawn Endgame: Distant Opposition

What should you pull here? 1.Ke4 would be a mistake because with 1 ... Ke6 Black comes into the opposition and you can't go any further. So you have to play more flexibly so that no matter how your opponent reacts, you can either win one of the black pawns directly, or you come into the opposition yourself and drive out the black king. In no case do not allow a counterattack!

Pawn Endgame: Distant Opposition

Haven't you lost the distant opposition yet? Actually yes .. But Black cannot hold you because the c5-square is occupied. Show the computer this is a draw!

Pawn endgame: triangular moves

Triangles: Indispensable for pizzas and in pawn endings! The immediate 1.c6 doesn't work, because Black holds the draw with 1 ... Kc8. But if it was Black's turn, Black would have to move now and you would win because after 1 ... Ke7 2.c6 would work. So you have to find a move that will put you back in the same position, but it will be Black's turn.