Britney Spears smokes

nicotine Britney Spears' career going up in smoke?

They are colleagues and they seem to enjoy working together. And it seems they are now on such familiar terms that Simon Cowell can give Britney Spears some personal advice. He is said to have warned his colleague: “Keep your hands off the butts, or you will ruin your entire career. I already know that I smoke myself. But I'm not a singer either. I don't mind if I ruin my voice. ”Is it true that smoking ruins my voice?

Smoking affects the voice

The voice is created in the vocal cords and vocal folds in the larynx, as the experts from the sports and health magazine "" explain. When vibrated, these ribbons and lips create tones. They are covered with mucous membranes. When these are irritated, hoarseness occurs and the patient finds it difficult to make the tones he wants to make. The things that attack the lining of the vocal cords and lips include alcohol and nicotine. Both are neurotoxins and both affect the entire neck, including the larynx. The experts from "Netzathleten" explain: "It is not for nothing that many long-time smokers have the characteristic hoarse-smoky voice." So if you refrain from drinking and smoking, you can protect your voice and prevent hoarseness.

Britney Spears: Unfortunately addicting

It's been a long time since Britney Spears fans heard a new song from her idol. At the moment she's back in conversation and earns well, but that's because of her work as a juror for the show X-Factor. She knows that her colleague is absolutely right with his warning, but the addiction is stronger with her: “I just can't get rid of these things. I know myself that cigarettes are not good for me. ”Her attempts to quit smoking have all failed. Let's hope that one day she'll make it after all, because in addition to her voice, her health is also at stake.