How far is Legoland from Disneyland CA.

The best around LA

The vicinity of the metropolis is just as tempting as Los Angeles itself. In addition to the well-known amusement parks such as Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal Studios, there is a lot to discover at the gates of the city. Here is a small selection:

Malibu Beach is one of the most famous stretches of coast in the world and offers everything that California stands for: bathing fun, beautiful people, Hollywood stars and of course: surfing! Access to the beach is not easy everywhere. But public stretches of beach are clearly marked.

Santa Catalina & Channel Islands
Santa Catalina Island - located around 35 kilometers off the coast - is the only permanently inhabited of the eight Channel Islands (the name refers to the Santa Barbara Channel, which runs north between the islands and the mainland). The waters around the islands are known for their abundance of marine life. The four northern islands have been elevated to Channel Islands National Park due to their unique nature. The sea around the islands is also protected. The main town Avalon on Santa Catalina is enchanting. Fantastic beaches, an excellent cold water diving area with the famous kelp forests and a wonderful natural landscape. Accessible by ferry from Long Beach, Dana Point or San Pedro.

Be it because of Disneyland, the mother of all amusement parks, Disney’s California Adventure or Knott’s Berry Farm: There is no getting around Anaheim when visiting L.A. for the first time. The surrounding Orange County (O.C. California) also attracts with 40 first-class golf courses and an impressive 75 kilometers of beaches.

Santa Barbara
Less than a two hour drive northwest of Los Angeles is the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. In contrast to many other Californian cities, the Spanish-Mexican influence was largely retained and shaped the cityscape. Santa Barbara is one of the most expensive residential areas in the United States. Many celebrities and millionaires live here on the American Riviera. The well-kept townscape is worth seeing for the visitor. Excellent restaurants and wellness temples - also near the beach - make Santa Barabra a popular destination.

Fun, excitement and action in the amusement and adventure parks
California's amusement parks, aquariums, and zoos are the ultimate playground for children and adults. For these excursion destinations you should plan at least half a day (or even two days for the two Disney parks).

Disneyland Park
Disneyland is of course the classic amusement park. From the diving trip "Finding Nemo" up into space to the Space Mountain attraction. The park has new attractions every season.

The is in the immediate vicinity Disney's California Adventure Park. Here it is rather dizzying - for example at the attraction “Woody and Buzz”. The Twillight Zone Tower of Terror is also guaranteed to get an adrenaline rush, so a relaxing meal in the park restaurant Wine Country Trattoria in the Golden Vine Winery is just the thing afterwards. VUSA TIP: During the week, these parks are quieter. So-called Fastpass tickets allow you to bypass the long queues at the most popular attractions.

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park
This former berry farm has long been a popular destination, especially for families with young children. The attractions here have grown up and are not just something for children: For example the Xcelerator roller coaster, which accelerates from zero to 132 km / h in just 2.3 seconds. Expect to get wet when cruising the Bigfoot Rapids, California's longest artistic whitewater river.

Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood
The Universal Studio Tour is also one of the real highlights of a visit to LA. The guided tour through real film and television sets is still brilliant - enriched with various surprises. Flat screens are installed in the visitor trams, on which one can watch film clips and listen to insider comments from famous directors like Steven Spielberg. The redesign began with the new 3D rides at the highest technical level: "Transformers: The Ride- # D". Harry Potter fans will look forward to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Hollywood
If you love movies and TV series, you shouldn't miss the new Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood. Sit on the real “Friends” couch, marvel at Superman and Batman memorabilia, experience sound stages, visit the legendary film car vault. Nowhere else can you experience the making of a film production so closely as here. The stage “Stage 48: From Script to Screen” allows a deep, interactive insight into the world of television and film production. The guided studio tours can be booked daily (except on December 25th) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Reservations are necessary for admission.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia
If you like thrilling roller coasters, you've come to the right place: Six Flags is known for its high-speed roller coasters. From the Viper, Tatsu, Scream X2 and the new Terminator Salvation, a wooden roller coaster that whizzes through the futuristic doomsday scenery of the Terminators, there is everything here.

LEGOLAND California, Carlsbad
This park will especially please the little ones. Here you will find child-friendly attractions and fantastic scenarios such as American cities or the African wilderness, all of which were assembled from thousands of Lego bricks. The Dune Raiders offers fun for the whole family. On the 15m long six-lane slide made of Lego bricks, you can slide against each other.

SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego
SeaWorld is an aquarium and amusement park in one. You can also get information about protecting the seas here. From the orca show to demonstrations of sea lions and otters, there is everything here. You get a free shower on the “Journey to Atlantis” roller coaster. Tips: If you don't like standing in line, you can go to the ride attractions during the shows. You should also always ask if special seasonal events such as fireworks are planned. The park is always open longer during the summer.

San Diego Zoo, San Diego and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Park, Escondido
The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoological gardens in the world, as it is very important to keep them in a species-appropriate manner and has been involved in night breeding of endangered species with other research institutions around the world for many years. In two enclosures you have the opportunity to marvel at some extremely rare animals from all over the world. You can learn interesting details about the various animals in the very natural enclosures. A tram drives through the large enclosure, where you can get very close to the animals.