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The German Reich before the end of its game of hide-and-seek


1 The German Reich before the end of its hide-and-seek game Kawi Schneider St. Goar, correction of previously unpublished manuscript. It is politically correct that UFOs are not a normal topic of conversation. Because if it were known that they - control about 85% of the earth, - are about years ahead of us, collect atomic bombs and rockets, - love the Austrians and ... the Germans, - have given the victorious powers SDI and moon bans, - The space weapon of the German Reich is the reserve overseas (founded: 1938 by Adolf Hitler for emergencies with underground cities and industries. Armament: from goal: final victory and great reunification. Bases: Moon, Bermuda, North Pole, South Pole, Andes, Caucasus , Tibet, Libya, Iraq, etc. Technology: Paraelelectronics, tachyonators, levitators, beam, electric and magnetic cannons, weather weapons, miracle bombs, etc. Population: approx. 43 million), applause could come from the wrong side, from the right ! "We are powerless against these weapons," said a Belgian general in 1998 about a new type of "UFO" with bright headlights. UFOs have been romping about at sea, on land, in the air and in space since the end of World War II. First they were taboo for many years, then "nonsense", then "extraterrestrial", alternating between "sweet" and "evil". Ever since a relative of Churchill recognized an early UFO photo as "from Venus", an avalanche of "UFOlogy" has started. This first UFO photo showed a German "flying disk", namely an anti-gravity flight tank with levitator and tachyonator drive of the Haunebu II type from 1944 from a secret project by inventors and engineers such as Schumann, Coler, Miethe, Belluzzo, Schriever and Habermohl. Nevertheless, even the latest TV UFO reports show earlier, unsuccessful German rotating jet flying disks, listlessly speculating about flying bowls by means of counterfeit initiatives as well as possible secret projects of so-called superpowers such as the USA or Russia hidden behind UFO appearances, only to then, after completing their compulsory exercise, the extraterrestrial unrestrainedness let out. After all, even in the usual UFOlogy, at its hawkish level and goosebumps level, it shines through that more and more military, pilots and radar observers regard the UFOs as the space weapon of a technically superior civilization, of which one just does not know who and where it is from. The subculture of UFOlogy, which assigns the UFOs to the German Reich, becomes regular

2 overlooked or not understood. Some people simply cannot imagine that the German Reich did not go under, but rather evaded at that time in order to regenerate and arm itself elsewhere. With the assumption of the continuing kingdom one can understand the history of incomparable much better than without it. At this point, a realistic recapitulation of the time around 1945 is appropriate. During the war, the Allies still said "Germany must perish", Germany must disappear, and the bombing terror mainly against the innocent people proved the seriousness of this intention. But then, with a sudden break in strategy, the previously bombed cities, concentration camps etc. were suddenly "liberated" and the weapons fell silent. Everywhere parts of the German armed forces surrendered, but not all of them, and not even the Reich government - the part found was taken prisoner, sometimes criminalized for the purpose of execution, which those affected partially prevented by suicide. The hatred of "Nazi Germany" knew no borders and still does not know any today: When Jörg Haider made naive remarks about it, he was relegated to a series of knee-knees and apologies NATO almost bombed Vienna in awe. Not really, maybe, but some sayings sounded like that. So why in 1945/46 the mysterious execution of the government of the German Reich? Why the chronic ritual hatred of good people against the "Third Reich"? The executed partial government of the German Reich could for scientific reasons be described as - possibly and however largely - blameless, because its alleged crimes (see also the fallen Wehrmacht exhibition), z. Sometimes it can hardly be checked under customary law or even legally. A proper securing of facts, a separation of forgery-chaff from authenticity-wheat by free science seems to be blocked de facto, also by archive "inactivations", e.g. B. the permanent seizure of submarine files (Bergmann, see below, vol. II p. 5 quoted from "The Federal Archives and its Holdings": "Files ... of all submarines ... still with of the British Admiralty ... ".). A minimum of academic freedom and democracy would have to be introduced as a prerequisite for the creation of a secure complex of facts for the purpose of recognizing and evaluating the darkened things. Laws prohibiting the "denial" of things assessed as "obvious" or whatever are as windy as incriminated denial itself, unless it is clarified and defined what is denied or asserted, relativized or absolute, exaggerated or understated, false or could or should be correctly represented. Right-wing journalists are already scoffing at the fact that the Nazis might have had high-tech wonder gas chambers and wonder crematoria that were centuries ahead of today's technical knowledge, so the official story could be true. Why is there still no peace treaty between the "victors" and the defeated German Reich or its alleged successor, the FRG? Is the claim of "outsiders", the actual "surrender" (by Grand Admiral

3 Dönitz for the local armed forces at the time, not for the German Reich) was only a "written confirmation of the acknowledgment of the self-nomination of the Allies as victors", was it properly refuted? Why did Reagan and Gorbachev force the shocked FRG peoples' crusaders to have a will of the detested majority of Germans, the previously unthinkable accession of the GDR? Why did the Bundeswehr suddenly have to be built up by officers of the Wehrmacht (who suddenly received a blanket declaration of honor for this purpose by the Western powers) after an initial ban? Why did the Bundeswehr have to break its tradition and then take part in a war of aggression? To bring it to a common denominator: Who has been forcing the victorious powers and their BRD satellites since 1945 to do or not to do things exactly as the German Reich would like, if it were there and, strikingly often and counteracting normal operations could be asked? In any case, there is the following contradiction in the room: on the one hand, generally publicly religious and ritualized opinion standards of German guilt and incurable desecration, which are subject to confession and propaganda, on the other hand, the gradual elevation of the same Germany - in nonetheless alleged taming involvement in so-called communities of values ​​and silent progressive partial expropriations (e.g. . through compulsory exchange DM - Euro and much more). Only with the inclusion of the so-called UFOs does one get a logic in this chaos, thus with the theory of the modern German Reich today: - The real "miracle weapons" are the UFOs. They ended the bombing of Germany and were originally referred to as "Flying Saucers" by shocked British pilots, according to the press; - since 1938 and until 1950 (!) a concentrate of the Reich had been sold for the planned "war after the war" among others in the (since 1938 sovereign Reich German) German East Antarctica (Neuschwabenland), including the ca (!) "missing "Fresh Wehrmacht soldiers in Northern Norway, other so-called" missing "or" fallen "(according to official reports, submarine men, for example, came back - so they should have fallen), also the legendary" last battalion "of 120 Electric cannon submarines and U-freighters, which on the way north near Iceland defeated the Allies in one of the largest but secretive sea battles. The chief of the deposition route north in particular (see below for the destination) was apparently Bormann, who continued to work after the war and in April 1946 (!) Is said to have said the famous farewell sentence in Malmö: "We'll be back, but in a form that the world does will never be forgotten! ". Also the approx. 100 U-freighters for prefabricated parts of submarines, stone and ice milling machines,

4 industrial plants etc. that had been commuting for years between the two halves of Germany within the borders of 1938 (!), I.e. between old Germany and New Swabia. In short: an ideally conceived offshoot of the Third Reich was built with super-high-tech, successfully monopolized from the start, and a select audience. The officially known, supposedly the only "post-war Germany" in Central Europe was left behind by the secret double of the Reich like the pupa of a butterfly. Since the "end" of the war until today, not only more and more incredible UFOs have been seen, but also Wehrmacht submarines, some old, mostly in (growing) vast numbers of further developments with UFO quality, in particular also combined submarine flight Spaceships; - Possibly there was a network of dismissal insiders, to which the disappeared SS elites and parts of the government belonged, including their leader, of whom a legend knows that he was represented in Berlin from November 1944 by the best of his five doppelgangers in order to himself To direct deposition, that is, the new empire and the war after the war. The well-known legend of Hitler's suicide is known to lack any trace of the corpse, of all things, and a sloppy "Hitler will" justifies an intention to commit suicide by trying to avoid "the shame of deposition or surrender". After all, this typical "document" about the Third Reich allows the conclusion that the alleged forger was well aware of the deposition, but understood it as a kind of resistance or escape, again in keeping with the camouflage strategies of the deposition itself. A video documentation of the association "Thule" (Vienna, 1989) quotes the Führer (after Polish invasions into parts of the eastern regions and at the beginning of the Wehrmacht's Polish campaign): "And if the enemy floods all of Germany, the war will continue from abroad, there will be no capitulation. " According to this, the Führer would even have been a double leader, once in the eternal downfall, on which the Allies insist at least to this day, and also in the opposite. And this quote would show, if it is true, that the legend of the exclusively German warmongering would be debatable, and that of the secret modern empire with "UFOs" and "ghost boats" would be a little less absurd; - A systematic policy of raising the Old Reich was pursued by the Reich government from 1945 until today: The initial partial extermination victims (approx. 7 million Germans were even killed after the end of the war) of the majority people who remained in Old Germany was carried out after a phase of quasi-hostage-taking the "winners" gradually raised, economically and militarily.

5 The reconstruction of the FRG and the GDR was primarily the own achievement of the German hostage peoples, despite dismantling and looting to the value of approx. 2 trillion (early) DM (calculation based on Hutten letters; cf.Marshal plan credit for the purchase of US Products: 6 billion, repayment with interest = 15 billion), despite the additional theft of the eastern German provinces (no appraisal available) and other crimes. But that the rebuilding could have taken place at all could have been due to corresponding pressure from the Reich government of the completely different post-war Germany overseas, as well as the many other apparently illogical things. The annexations of eastern provinces by 2 out of 50 allies (Poland, Russia) are, by the way, illegal according to critical literature, and all recognitions by FRG governments are invalid due to the absence of a mandate by the imperial government, which is still at war against (or parts of) the allies, which also protects the FRG as a "brother people" as a protective power. The apparent riddle of the lack of a peace treaty to this day would therefore be explained in such a way that the war is not yet over and the FRG would be an Allied prisoner of war camp with built-in state simulation, in a framework simulation peace with from A to Z virtual laws and without any government that could enter into a valid treaty with any state. The fact that the atavistic annexation and expulsion took place at all was, incidentally, a consequence of the original intention of annihilating and dividing Germany, and the forgeries (according to critical literature, almost everything from the "Wannsee Protocol" to pencil drawings of glasses mountains) could therefore be so be bad because no resistance from the party to be destroyed was anticipated and the forgeries were only intended to legitimize the destruction; if necessary, every forgery could have been represented as a legitimate imitation of the original that was supposedly accidentally destroyed. That the end of the bombing so early by barely more than 25 pieces of levitator flight tanks that trigger severe shocks at the mere sight of them (they seem to glow when levitator is in operation because antigravity as a waste product causes a frightening, actually involuntary glow, they can also fly independently of inertia , i.e. without acceleration the speed, without changing the direction) would be forced by the SS, could not be suspected and led to the strange series of breaks in the strategy of the Allies, from total destruction as quickly as possible, to ever slower forms and then to On the contrary, the reconstruction and integration into the allied community of values. In short: From Bomber-Harris to intermediate stages to the Marshall Plan, the early, partial harmonization of the Western powers with the Reich after the SU was relatively unruly and is no longer there. The integration of the FRG and GDR were of course combined with systemically necessary laws of opinion and research bans on questions that would be dangerous for the unstable, laboriously devised arrangements with the German Reich and the German Reich, which systematically created facts in accordance with the interests of the Allied doctrine of its non-existence into virtue "Winner" re-education states GDR and FRG.

6 According to right-wing intellectual opinion leaders like Horst Mahler, the still remaining desires of the world stewards are those that also apply elsewhere, i.e. the old plan of creating the "Afro-Eurasian mixed race" as a unitary humanity by promoting migration, hand in hand with the stigmatization of dissent as alleged racism and such nasty or disqualifying conspiracy theoreticism. - Against these lavishly veiled backgrounds, the perplexed despair of mostly honest anti-fascists over the course of history, their sometimes embarrassing ritual hysteria with only slight evidence of existence, are conceptually metaphorically elevated to the level of nuclear warheads or presumed such, if not deppathologized , so understandable. Back to the status of the FRG: This would be the substratum of the first fundamentalist large-scale anarchy under Allied watch on earthly soil. Perhaps this helps to explain that the FRG can be used so breathtakingly unsuspectingly as money laundering by its functionaries that democracy can be misunderstood by them as re-education arbitrarily adjusted according to time and intensity (a high-ranking politician said, as an example: in terms of euros we have to listen more to the people who were against it, then we could have reeducated them in good time with good persuasion to the euro). It also helps to explain anew why, for example, Poland and the Czech Republic, even with the clearest declarations of renunciation by the FRG, do not seem to be relieved of their deep suspicions. The old thesis of the FRG as an economic giant and political dwarf was not only correct, it is. The suspicion of this background, for which the UN doctrine also speaks, that the German Reich still exists and indeed as an enemy, as well as the BVG judgment (of) the legal continued existence of the German Reich, obliges every FRG resident all the more, of course, to substantiate and realize the free democratic basic order, which is highly valued here, instead of emulating its ridicule, for example in the CDU! - a successful enemy technology limitation had been carried out: the otherwise illogical decline of space travel by the "superpowers", their false starts when they desperately tried to catch up in super-high technology (see the terrible accidents of US experiments in terms of temporary variance, etc. such as Philadelphia and Montauk ), the suppression of the SDI program ("Star Wars"), which the Soviet Union had been offered for joint use by the USA, the prevention of the militarization of space by the "enemy powers", and similar implausible things could with appropriate orders and measures of the German Reich (see e.g. "USand Russia vow to join forces against UFO onslaught ", Weekly World News, with a report on a UFO, including radar-confirmed," bigger than two aircraft carriers "near Alaska, and: Flight captain: UFO chased us over Alaska, WAZ,); Last but not least, the appearance of a ban on manned space travel (moon, Mars) for "victorious powers".

7 The USA even used a Nomad robotic vehicle in Antarctica to "search for extraterrestrial life" in meteorites, as the press reported these days! One also thinks of the announcements of the "superpowers" in the 1960s - from rotating cities in orbit, from settlements on the moon and Mars to And now a remote-controlled US car is supposedly driving towards the South Pole, a year with a poor ozone hole. Needless to say, the last US probe on Mars was broken again by someone. - Successful enemy military surveillance had been carried out: Countless "unexplained" crashes of fighter planes, in the vicinity of nuclear power plants or "ghost submarines", of airplanes or space shuttles with military cargo would be plausibly explained with kills by the Reichsluftwaffe ("UFOs") ) in the "war after the war". An author on the topic "The flying disks of the German Reich in the final battle" (H. Grimm) recalls that the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 on the birthday of Rudolf Hess and 12 days after a SU nuclear war threat against the FRG and in the year before the dubious death of Hess took place. Here is one of countless reports about UFOs from the press: (Weekly World News,) "Soviet icebreaker matches wits with UFO": For 72 hours the icebreaker would have played cat and mouse with a disc under the ice that was the size of a football field; "(...) at least one Soviet sailor is said to have been washed overboard when the object crashed through the polar ice and vanished into space. The east German sources also said the icebreaker suffered superficial damage from huge chunks of ice that fell off the disc when it made its ascent to the heavens. (...) "And on the occasion another (see Bergmann I p. 17) sample from a photographed newspaper clipping (" La Razon ", Montevideo, only given in 1977/78 ), where under the headline "PLATOS VOLADORES CON CRUZ GAMADA" (flying disks with swastika) the engineer and ufologist Fred Andracht is quoted: "Los llámados platos voladores no son naves extraterrestres, sino la obra de científicos nazis, que no aceptan haber perdido la Segunda Guerra Mundial y se preparan para una futura conquista ... ". This "truth" of this "aggression" could be known to the Argentine and North American military. - Next: Co-ordination of NATO: The "Allied Force" (from the Wehrmacht / SS with joined NATO as Reich Foreign Legion ?!) against Serbia represented a change of sides of NATO, which was correctly and clearly recognized, especially by left-wing critics, exactly in the footsteps of the Wehrmacht. A copy of the most modern kind of UFOs (arbitrarily movable luminous large ball) flew (see pictures in the ntv with abstruse comment "Cruise Missiles"; see also: G. Engel, "The NATO in the Holy War for the (New) Third Reich" in: TOKO Zeit-Kompaß, May 1999) there patrol / supervision / command. Even FRG-German civil aircraft apparently often enjoy UFO escort protection.

8 On the other hand, how often have you heard those cipher messages about "cause of crash unexplained, unexplained smoke development" and the inevitable anachronistic "Germans weren't on board" ... The unexplained "smoke development" in so-called unexplained crashes could in turn be caused by the UFO's jet cannons do have. In documentations such as O. Bergmann, Deutsche Flugplatten und U-Boats monitor the oceans, Volume I, Wetter 1988, the "Haunebu II" flying disk is indicated as armament: Six 8 cm KSK (= power ray cannons, the author) in 3 rotating towers below, an 11 cm KSK in a rotating tower above, and: speed 6000 km / h, diameter 26.3 m, drive: Tachyonator disk 23.1 m, armor: three-bulkhead Victalen, control: magnetic field impulse 4a, crew: 9 men, space capability: 100%; the alleged document is dated and announces "110% operational readiness required by the Führer" for the end of 1944 at the earliest; 7 pieces are "available", in SS development center IV, test flights took place: 106. Only 1 of the successor model Haunebu III was allegedly built due to a lack of material, its diameter was 71 m, 19 documented test flights with improved Schumann levitators are stated, most recently a flight to Mars with an unknown result. So much for the documentation until the "end" of the war, then: see UFOlogy - have fun picking pearls from the alien affairs. Only the 7 pieces Haunebu II and 17 pieces "Vril I", the small "light armed flying disc" of the same technology, and perhaps the large Haunebu III ("Haunebu" could mean in a dialect as a noun for "maniac") were probably relevant to the war : "Giant horror"). - Large war missions, especially against the SU, including large-scale destruction of the SU navy on the North Sea (e.g. in the largest SU naval port Severomorsk, see NZZ 24./), listed as "accidents" in the military press the Baltic Sea and in East Asia, according to Grimm et al am, and (on the German fighters had put the British cruiser Trinidad out of action on the way to Murmansk, recalls angry H. Grimm with relish in the book title given, London 1987, p. 85). Here is a sample from the time when the "ghost boats" conquered the Baltic Sea: (Ruhr-Nachrichten,): Stockholm stops searching for submarines. "(...) According to high-ranking officers, the intruders, who were hit by a hail of depth charges, used a completely new submarine technology with which mines can be blown up from a great distance. (...)" General Bengt Gustafsson on the question of whether to hunt sea monsters:

9 It cannot be said in every single case that it is a particular state, but as far as the conscious and systematic intrusion is concerned, it is the responsibility of a single pact or state (SPIEGEL 18/88). The questioner could not elicit more on the subject of the origin of the invaders. The great war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact with rockets and depth charges against the ghost boats did nothing except for the sadly famous death of seals in the North and Baltic Seas. The US Navy published its own authentic measurements of about 400 km / h (four hundred) dive speeds of the ghost boats off the US east coast. If you put the pieces together, the following story of the German Reich since 1945 emerges: conquest of the whole of Antarctica and expulsion of foreign military until 1961, then occupation of all oceans until approx. 1990, of space from the beginning, large lakes and high mountains gradually, Construction of fortresses and fortifications everywhere. A scientist and interviewee of Bergmann knows of a total of 9 main fortresses / countries / groups of the modern German Empire on land (Deutsche Flugplatten ... II, p. 134): - Thuleka (secret group, secret area on Greenland); - Polaris in the Central Arctic in a green (!) Inhabited country / island confirmed by the Canadian Air Force; - Atlanteans (in the Andes, where according to conventional UFOlogy there are actually tacitly state-respected territories of the UFOs); - Africans (no specification except "somewhere in Africa"); - Mongolians (in Inner Asia); - Antarctic group (after Helsing the largest with approx. 30 million inhabitants, status approx. 1990; predominantly underground industries and cities; ports between which some World War II cargo submarines still commute for public transport; strict shielding against observation and Invasions, against which the Allies tried with all means from an attempted invasion under Admiral Byrd ["High Jump"] with 200 bombers and 6000 soldiers; this US troop fled on, Byrd warned during interrogation of enemy aircraft that were in the shortest possible time Fly pole to pole and also attack the USA - from atomic bomb "tests" in later years to ozone hole science fiction in more recent times. According to this author, a relatively important Reich German base [status: again approx. 1990] is in Iraq: Libya does not appear in literature, but it was not bombed like Serbia, so it is somehow "included"; Gaddafi also had the rise of "Germany" in 1998 "announced to become superpower # 1 for" late 1999 "; something has obviously gone wrong in terms of schedule, or it has just not been reported correctly and has already happened; in any case, he could hardly have meant the FRG.). Only these 6 of 9 are classified as stabilized at the specified time of the conversation on, the other three were in the beginning of construction and are located in the "Australian", "Pacific" and Greenland regions. This key message of the conversation, which would normally seem rather abstruse, is mentioned here because

10 at least a correspondence with the main flight routes of the UFOs according to UFO journalism can be recognized, i.e. from pole to pole over the Andes (1), Central Africa (2) and Central Asia (3). Line 2 also goes through Switzerland and the FRG, incidentally, but there / here nothing is known of Reich German groups. The rights we interviewed even complain about this theory that it is further disinformation from the "enemy". According to the local impression, the reality could even surpass this theory, because in addition to the high mountains, many lakes from Lake Ontario to Loch Ness to Lake Attersee offer specific questions, not to mention the earth's crust: puzzling excavations and underground structures can often not be explained conventionally, even stands the question in the room, against whom nuclear "tests" were actually always carried out underground after the nuclear weapons were partially (by whom?) banned and atmospheric "tests" were banned. By whom forbidden is in fact questionable; whoever accepts voluntariness according to the official representation, exactly as with the so-called Antarctic Treaty of 1961, extension in 1991, should take a good vacation. The only sensible photos of the "Loch Ness Monster" show the periscope of an older German submarine, and when a tidal power station was built to lock this bay, it suddenly inexplicably sank into the depths of the earth, so that access to the sea again was like before. Even the famous Yeti, according to Grimm, can only be used as a camouflage for Reich Germans, who also frequently killed mountaineers - a speculation that probably spanned the arc in a nasty way. An author on this difficult subject, the greatest taboo in the world, shouldn't think he needed anything like that, just as extremely superfluous Nazi sayings of force, in view of the devastating mass of serious material of circumstantial evidence, etc.! Despite everything, the few pioneering authors deserve all the recognition they deserve, not least a Swiss institution that is critical of the times, the Eidgenoss Verlag. Already on the US research vessel Eltanin photographed a telescope m sea depth west of Cape Horn, which was puzzling with its series of masts and only understandable retrospectively with today's high technology (telemetry antennas, etc.). Then in 1967 a listening antenna station was found in the Bermuda Triangle at a depth of 300 m, which testified to a technology that is otherwise only achieved today or is being planned, and which was probably already out of operation at the time of its discovery - especially at that time Total surveillance from space by UFOs is likely to have already been installed. The US National Security Secret Service (NSA) built 66 listening stations along the east coast in the direction of the Bermuda Triangle, where everything has been confiscated from a "dimensional hole", according to the semi-official theory, since the war. The many reports of kidnappings, especially of women, by UFOs also fit

11 into the picture. The aliens had a shortage of offspring, according to UFO literature. They forced these massive kidnappings to be tolerated and, in return, agreed to contractually (see also "Majestic 12" literature) the USA (Council on Foreign Affairs, a kind of extra State Department for the "extraterrestrials") that they would continue to play superpower and themselves not even to come out for the time being. In general, the aliens took over the legacy of the Nazis in all other respects: their first spaceships, with which they discovered Earth in 1943, were even decorated with the cannon of the German standard tank Tiger. The aliens never tired of playing their favorite game "Nazis hunt victorious powers". In the breaks they drew aesthetic, mathematical, etc. characters in cornfields with the remote magnetic pen. Every good esotericist today has a corn symbol calendar in the living room - from the real, not trampled signs of enormous diameters and diverse shapes, to the fractalized right-turning swastika of the Nordic SS. Weird aliens, UFOs, ghost boats, monsters, yetis, dimensional holes, everything is completely dubious . Let us nevertheless assume that the theory could be correct, and let us subject it to the following 'test': If the German Reich actually - has continued to exist since 1945 - was able to monopolize super-high technology ("Wunderwaffen" = magnetic weapons, electric weapons, power jet weapons; then Paraelelectronics, temporary variance, antigravity / levitator technology, phase variance-semitranslucency and -indestructibility, tachyonator drive, tachyon bombs, etc.), - has conquered space and has already conquered around 90% of the earth, - wants to seize world domination and - if not militarily in the meantime could long ago (or has already been undercover, but that was postponed), what would his opponents do to prevent this if they could no longer catch up militarily? You might create psychological barriers. They would convey to "their" FRGermany a maximum hatred of the German Reich in order to make a "great" reunification more difficult and to spoil the candidate as a preventive measure. How would the German Reich counter, except always by shooting unauthorized rockets in Baikonur or collecting atomic bombs and other ABC material as well as safes and treasure chests (from Titanic to Swissair 111 am; the publicly shown "Titanic Safe" with moderate content was not the one that was saved, open and empty) etc., so psychological?

12 Perhaps the term extraterrestrials, if that is the cipher for itself, would seek to have a positive connotation, see the art of corn signing and other measures. The other side might in turn produce Hollywood films of evil extraterrestrials after all, see Independance Day, the total E.T. (= dear) revision. The Reich Germans would finally think that if they already hate us and do not allow right-wing parties to come up against them, we have to demythologize the democrats with this or that lie or money scandals. The policy of raising the FRG would no longer suffice as a basis for the "great reunification", a psycho-compatibilization of the FRG would be necessary in addition to other raising. The opposing camps would intensify their journalism (the already industrialized, denominational, perpetuated and ubiquitarized anti-Nazi propaganda), the others would either try to torpedo this and / or use something completely different as a counter-strategy. Which of the two sides is in danger of being defeated can be seen from their mistakes and their nervousness. At the moment the situation is such that a letter to the editor in a FRG daily newspaper mocks: Are the stealth bombers already on their way to Vienna? Even politically correct commentators attest that the Austria prosecutors are quite operationally blind, reminiscent of that of the Wehrmacht prosecutors. Perhaps we are currently experiencing the beginning of the end of the concealment of the real superpower of the German Empire, and the beginning of completely unexpected upheavals. Actually, the German Reich could have come out as early as 1990, it would have been a good fit for the end of the juggling of the East-West conflict and the end of the Soviet Union (who had ordered this? USA? German Reich? Both?). The cold war was only a cover up of the actual war, namely the hidden Third World War of the Wehrmacht and / or SS against the Allies from 1945 to Admittedly, the theory of the modern German Reich is exhausting because there are many indications for the correctness and for it that the outing of the Reich seems to be taking hold in the near future - but no concrete evidence. Unless one interpreted the absence of such evidence as evidence of the total discipline of the Reich Germans to come out at the right time and to forego the slightest threat to success beforehand, painful as it is for them. The goal of "final victory" and world domination is not exactly something everyday.

13 The behavior of the politically correct with their excessive whipping against constitutional lawyer and politician Jörg Haider, Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Federal Republic of Austria, perhaps shows more than just nervousness. After an interview by the author of Jan van Helsing with a young supposedly New Swabian country, the German Reich is waiting for a chaos situation (such as a severe economic crisis). Flying disks would be ready and 6 million soldiers (see forbidden titles about "secret societies"). Whether then approx.40 million Reich Germans want to move to their venerated holy "Old Reich" (FRG plus old German neighboring areas) after the "project planning Old Reich connection" has been implemented? Would the Reich Germans then have to leave those who had been selected as "unworthy", i.e. foreigners (deportation?) And "traitors" (re-education in the sense of "re-Germanization" in their previous areas) or what could there be? But maybe the UFOs are extraterrestrial after all and, as always, nothing will happen in the near future, the end of the world has not worked out either, everything has stayed normal. 'UFOs' - Relocated to Space? Or??? With the terms: "extraterrestrial beings", "UFOs come from space", "extraterrestrial visitors", etc. the name Donald E. Keyhoe is inextricably linked. One could therefore quite correctly call him the father of the extraterrestrial theory. Keyhoe, a former major in the US Marine Corps, was friends with polar explorer, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who headed the 1946/47 US naval operation "High Jump" to Antarctica. For years, Major Keyhoe was the personal adjutant of the world-famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, and later became director of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena). With the increased appearance of the so-called saucers in the first years after the Second World War, nervousness, uncertainty and indecision about the defense options on the one hand and the attitude towards the own population on the other hand with regard to the question: What should you do? just tell the public ?, strongly noticeable. It is a very natural human weakness to suppress depressing and unpleasant things from one's own consciousness as well as from the consciousness of others. The most obvious method in this area of ​​events was, at least initially, to claim that these saucer-like gyroscopes, which we have seen over and over again, do not exist at all. There are optical illusions, fantasies, mirages and much more (which was certainly true for some of the reports). The US Department of Defense, Air Force Intelligence, the CIA, FBI, and many other military and political organizations diligently used this method for the time being. But one had to be clear from the outset that this alone would not last for years

14 could be promising. Major Keyhoe begins his worldwide published book with the following facsimile text: "For all of last year, behind the scenes at the Pentagon, the Washington War Department building, I have watched the Air Force grapple with the dangerous question: WHAT SHOULD THE PUBLIC BE TELLED ABOUT THE FLYING SAUCERS? A select group of senior government officials have been briefed by Air Force Intelligence about the saucers since 1951, and some former skeptics have left these highly confidential sessions with grave concern wrinkles after reading the intelligence disclosures - Officers. " There is a big difference between the questions: I) Where do the flying saucers really come from? II) WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE FLYING SAUCERS? The problem or question posed by the military leadership circles (II) already shows that the answer to this question will have little in common with the actual origin of the flying disks. In the first post-war years, as well as later and even today, there was probably no ambiguity in the US Department of Defense regarding question 1: "You were in the Pentagon at this time (meaning the dramatic incident in January 1948, with the officer Thomas Mantell after a Collision with a flying disc was killed) still convinced that the mysterious flying objects were the secret weapon of a foreign, but definitely earthly power, and one was appalled at the fear that the United States could one day be brought to its knees by this, "writes the magazine" Esotera ", p. 516, 1975 But this is question II. It was Major Keyhoe who, at the end of the forties, when more and more Americans believed in the existence of flying saucers, came up with the saving idea of ​​the air force. Secret Service (ATIC) took up: "A call-up survey in American cities showed that every fourth inhabitant of the USA is aware of the existence of the 'Flying Saucer' gl aubt Then the American magazine 'True' dropped a journalistic atomic bomb: 'For 175 years the earth has been under observation by living, intelligent beings from another planet.' That was the conclusion that aviation expert Donald E. Keyhoe drew after eight months of research for the magazine. Keyhoe had merged his investigations with astronomical reports from the previous century. " Der Spiegel, In his book: 'Flying Saucer from outer Space', published in the early fifties, or in the German edition of 1954: 'Der Weltraum closes us', Keyhoe himself writes: "Im In 1949, after months of collecting records, I wrote an article for True magazine in which I suggested that the saucers were probably interplanetary machines. " P. 21 The initial and understandable aversion of the Pentagon to this new space theory - they still wanted to stick to the denial that had been practiced up to now - turned more and more in Keyhoe's favor: "At the beginning of 1952 the respected million illustrated magazine appeared ' Life 'surprisingly with an article,' Do we have visitors from space? 'The magazine had given up its original attitude of amusing skepticism and, after reviewing the material, seriously believed in the reality of the flying saucers. The article was written with the support of the Air Force 'Life' editors, who interviewed well-known rocket researchers, astronomers and astrophysicists, concluded that inter-

15 planetary vehicles act. "Der Spiegel No. 17/1954, p. 27 Finally, Keyhoe was provided by the US Department of Defense for his planned book and to better substantiate his extraterrestrial theory, 51, previously kept top secret flying disc sighting reports . With bacon one catches mice and with explosive, previously secret facts it is easier to underpin a deliberately misleading theory. Why should one tell the public the whole truth here too? When, at least with the most important events of the Second World War, the world public is almost The close cooperation between Keyhoe and the highest military authorities can be seen in the foreword of his book: "Since July 1952, on the occasion of a new examination of the saucer problem, I was granted the privilege of working with the Air Force. Based on my understanding of the very serious problem and the dangers it posed, I had been given information unknown to most Americans. Many dozen impressive eyewitness accounts from Air Force pilots were compiled for me and approved by the Air Force Technical Intelligence Service. Some were so incredible that two or three years earlier they would have been dismissed as ridiculous. As a result of this close cooperation - ... In conclusion, I would like to thank all officers and officials - not just the Air Force, but also other government agencies - for their generous support in my lengthy investigative work. Without their advice and guidance, if I had run into dead ends, this book could not have been written. DONALD E. KEYHOE Major, U.S. Marine Corps, ret. Another document for his collaboration with the Pentagon in the development of the alien theory, and also for the not yet fully convinced readers of this flying disc topic, is the attached document from the Pentagon to the publisher of Major Keyhoe, Holt & Co. NY The German translation reads: "Dear Sirs, We confirm your letter regarding a planned book on" Flying Saucers "by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, United States Marine Corps. We in the Air Force know Major Keyhoe as a responsible, precise reporter. His longstanding association and his cooperation with the Air Force in the research of unknown objects in flight give him the qualification as a leading capacity in this field of investigation. All observation reports and other information that he cites have been released and made available to him by the Air Force Technical Intelligence Service at his request The Air Force and its subordinate investigative agency, Blue Book Committee, are aware of Major Keyhoe's conclusion that the "Flying Saucers" were from another planet. The Air Force has never denied this possibility. Some committee members believe that there is an alien, natural phenomenon t, which is still completely unknown to us. But if the obviously controlled flight maneuvers reported by many experienced observers really apply, then the only explanation that remains is the interplanetary origin of the machines. Your very devoted signed signature

16 Albert M. Chop Air Force Press Department "Der Spiegel, No. 17/1954, the weekly newspaper 'Die Zeit', May 27, 1954, and many other press organs dealt extensively with Keyhoe's German translation" Space is getting closer ". With books, articles and lectures he only carried this theory into the world, the actual idea probably originated from the US Air Force Intelligence Service (ATIC) itself: "The first official recognition of unknown objects in flight in the USA took place in 1947 in one Letter from the Chief of Air Technical Intelligence Center to the commanding air force general, in which he states that the conclusion has been reached: UFOs are real! And just a year later the same body sent a report to the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Vandenberg, whose conclusion was: UFOs are of interplanetary origin! "P. 158 US Navy Admiral Delmer Fahrney, former head of the Navy's missile project to Major Keyhoe: "We are still years away from the development stage of the saucer or even something similar." "In the year 47," I (Keyhoe) said, "two or three Air Force officers suggested that the saucers could be of Russian origin. I don't think so - "" Impossible, "replied Fahrney flatly." That was just a hasty reaction without careful consideration. The Soviets could not possibly have had such a head start on us in 47 - not even today - no matter how many German specialists they kidnapped to Russia. No no! Either there are no saucers - and these reports are difficult to refute - or they are of interplanetary origin. "P. 54 If the saucers cannot be of American and Russian origin, they have to come from other planets. It's that easy Especially when it is only about: What do we say to the public! With the highly official relocation of the extremely unpleasant saucers to planets that are partly outside of our solar system, the whole problem has only become more obscure and for many people as nebulous Fantasticism is not taken seriously or is no longer taken seriously and usually no longer pursued. A stage win for the PENTAGON! Even in the forties and fifties, apart from the usual sightings and events in the air, flying disks - mostly in lonely areas - landed, and often Only observed by individuals, and a few have direct contacts, in some cases with Unt Receipts in the respective national language took place. In the experience logs, which are to be taken seriously and prepared by reliable people, an overwhelming majority always referred to large (approx. 1.80 m) similar to us white people as flying disc crews, so that - based on today's common alien theory - in the book 'Astrobiology' is rightly concluded: "In itself it is downright a joke that the various 'contact persons' who have already wanted to see UFOs land, always saw beings of alien stars disembark, which looked exactly like the colleague from the office The planetary beings allegedly landed on earth so far resemble the European-North American type of white race, according to information from all 'contactors'. So far not a single black, yellow, red, blue or green planetary person has been spotted. The body dimensions correspond exactly to ours On this point we can go even further than the representatives of UFOlogy downright absurd to assume that intelligent beings from alien worlds are such

17 show surprising resemblance to us. "P. 20 Even back then, when the world press increasingly started (had to?) Incorporate the 'official, official' assumption of extraterrestrial origin into their UFO reports, more and more serious ones came forward Personalities have their say, who consequently stated that beings from other planetary spaces could hardly have such a resemblance to us in appearance, body size and constitution Food, gravitational and atmospheric conditions should show a clearly perceptible difference on the outside. After these doubts on the part of some scientists etc. one didn’t have to wait too long, and the first partly rewritten and partly quite nebulous reports appeared. Suddenly 'green men' emerged from the flying saucers en ',' ape-like ',' very hairy ',' dwarf-like ',' slit-eyed 'creatures, sometimes monsters with webbed fingers and toes, clawed, and whatever else the imagination holds ready. Frank Edwards formulates very carefully what he thinks of these invented or remodeled contact reports with strange beings: "The descriptions of such visitors, coming from all parts of our globe, are astonishingly uniform. Either there is a worldwide conspiracy to lie about these things , or very many people, including those who have never heard of 'Flying Saucers', must have seen very strange creatures of unknown origin. " P. 166 The observers may well have seen and reported real flying disks and, during landings, their normal-looking crews, but what the media makes of them becomes 'public opinion' and not the real facts. Using the example of Dr. Hynek will be shown how the term 'little green men' came about. J. Allen Hynek - of whom Frank Edwards claimed he had "a special talent for solving UFO-related problems 'obliquely'" is professor of astronomy on the side Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and since 1948 advisor to the US Air Force on UFO issues. For more than 20 years alone, Hynek was a consultant to the amerik. UFO cover-up project 'Blue Book'. In his report in Spiegel No. 17/1967, Hynek describes how, after spectacular incidents near Michigan, he was commissioned by the Air Force at the specially arranged press conference, something about the cause of the red, yellow and green lights on the sky to say, which hovered in different places over the moorland there: "In search of a justifiable interpretation (sounds very similar to the air force trauma: 'What should one say to the public about the saucers?'; author's note) I remembered a phone call from a botanist at Michigan University, who drew my attention to the phenomenon of burning swamp gases. It is well known that digester gases from rotting mud can suddenly ignite and create a flickering light. Songs and tell of this glow Stories like the 'lantern man', 'fox fire' and 'will-o'-the-wisp.' After learning more about this swamp gas e I decided to offer that to the reporters as a possible explanation. " Mind you, the scientist Hynek is not concerned with what these phenomena actually were. He is only concerned with the question of what can I offer as a possible explanation! Hynek continues:

18 "The press conference, however, left no time for scholarly discussions - it was a circus. The cameramen wanted me here, the newspaper people there. Both groups dragged me back and forth for a while. Everyone expected me to give the unambiguous and most spectacular possible interpretation of the apparitions. You wanted little green men. When I handed out a statement explaining the swamp gas hypothesis, many reporters ignored my view of this as just a possible explanation 'underlined and ran to the phone.Not only did many reports the next day definitely describe burning marsh gas as the cause of the Michigan lights - they also implied that it was the cause of many other UFO phenomena. I left the city as quickly and secretly as I could. "P. 168 This is how the 'little green men' and the new dumbing-down variant saw:" UFOs are nothing more than ignited swamp gas ", the light of day in the land of the unlimited (UN) possibilities. In the sixties and seventies, reports with monsters, ape-like beings, green men and a lot more nonsense were made of this kind of thing - the basis for film ham and horror strips a la Hollywood. Arousing worldwide fear - of the 'heavenly brothers 'or the' harbingers of a NEW AGE 'as they are already called in UFO circles - that became the new Hollywood motto. The development of a new kind of flight and weapon technology based on super physics is without a doubt an ingenious act of creation, but does not necessarily have to be explainable or believable via the detour SPACE. In addition, ingenious developments and creative activity are essential to superior human beings hes life bound, and therefore have little in common with strange monsters or half-animal beings. A matter of course for connoisseurs of anthropological traditions. If contacts with these strange space creatures had really taken place, as the world has been tried by officials (governments, military, scientists) to make believable, it would be easy to prove it with razor-sharp colored photos in the world-famous magazines to compete. But the proof is by no means provided by answering the question: -WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE FLYING SAUCERS? - they are simply relocated to the most distant outer space in the ostrich manner and coupled with strange monster crews. Even if we have clearly recognized the 'green men', 'ET', and other nasties - as crews of the flight gyros - as fraud in the sense of Allied mass stupidity, we should not fail to point out that we are at the beginning today of the III. For a millennium, we have left an egocentric worldview (earth as the center of space) and a heliocentric worldview (sun as the center) behind us, as well as the arrogant hypothesis of the uniqueness of life on our planet earth. In view of millions of star clusters, galaxies with in turn millions or even billions of suns with their planets, the probability of finding life in some form in the vastness of the universe is far greater than assuming a sterile hostile cosmos. But we shouldn't make the mistake of confusing earthly power struggles with cosmic things. In the first part of "GEHEIME WUNDERWAFFEN" a real earthly development path to today's UFO power - also THIRD - was able to use many facts and individual reports

19 POWER called - to be shown. That was all the more difficult because, from the German as well as from the Allied side, this gyro development path is still shrouded in fog for reasons of military strategy. The forthcoming third part of this series will provide the open-minded reader with further clarity. Two worried voices: Prof. C.G. Jung, Switzerland, on UFOs: "This rumor about the physical presence of such bodies seems so important to me that I feel pushed, again, as I did before, at the time when the events were preparing that were to hit Europe in the marrow to raise a warning call. I know that, as before, my voice is far too weak to reach the ears of the many. It is not presumption that drives me, but my medical conscience that advises me to do my duty fulfill in order to prepare the few to whom I can make myself heard so that events await humanity which correspond to the end of an aeon ". No. 25, Sept 1958 "When the truth about the flying disks becomes common knowledge - and one day it will - the effect on those who heretofore declared it nonsense will be truly shocking. This shock can be so great that He overthrows the governments of our world and leaves them in chaos until new leaders are found who are able to run the world with a completely new outlook on life. " Dr. James D. Ryan, New York Times, February 7, 1961 Extraterrestrial activities on the moon General information about the moon This is the currently "public" information about the moon. But Fred and Glenn Steckling, whose book "We discovered extraterrestrial bases on the moon" I partly lean on, are not convinced of the truth of all of these statements. Distance from the earth: up to km diameter: Surface: Gravity: Time for a full rotation around its own axis: Age: Mass: Density: Escape speed: km ~ km² ~ 1/6 of the force of gravity on earth 29.9 days ~ years 1 / 81 of the earth mass 3.34 g / cm³ 2.38 km / sec

20 Average orbit speed: km / h The American Apollo project was abruptly ended after Apollo 17, although much was still unexplored on the moon, and many questions and puzzles remained unanswered. The research, and thus the moon flights, no longer provide any new knowledge, there is nothing more to research, according to the official justification. But many who have studied NASA photographs believe that the exact opposite was the case: TOO MUCH HAS BEEN DISCOVERED UP UP. There are even people (e.g. the authors of the book "Alternative 3") who believe that the lunar exploration program has continued in secret and that the moon is being explored further with electromagnetically powered vehicles. There are also indications that moon rocks and other "souvenirs" of our satellite mysteriously "disappeared". Course of the Apollo missions: Apollo 8 (21. bis; Borman, Lovell, Anders) photos of the moon from its orbit; Remarkable number of photos of the remote side of Apollo 10 (18th bis; Stafford, Young, Cernan) Flight into orbit of the moon Apollo 11 (16th bis; Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins) First manned moon landing Apollo 12 (14th bis; Conrad , Bean, Gordon) Another successful moon landing Apollo 13 (11. bis; Lovell, Swigert, Haise) No moon landing due to explosion of an oxygen tank; Photos from the lunar orbit Apollo 14 (bis; Shepard, Mitchel, Rossa) Third successful moon landing Apollo 15 (bis; Scott, Irwin, Worden); further moon landing Apollo 16 (16th bis; Young, Duke, Mattingly) successful moon landing Apollo 17 (07th bis; Cernan, Schmitt, Evans) last landing mission; intensive photo work (mainly: area around the king crater)

21 Behind the secrets of the moon (introduction) "The moon is not capable of sustaining life, airless, most hostile to life ... in short, a dead rock". This is the common opinion about the moon that is taught everywhere and to everyone. These "facts" can no longer be held, however, since the results of the Apollo missions provide evidence / evidence to the contrary. Before modern rocket science was developed, astronomers were puzzled by what they were seeing on the moon with their telescopes: "Cities that are growing." Hundreds of domes, individual lights, explosions, geometric shadows and the like were observed. The following emerges from the reports: Someone / something is building domes, canals, pyramids, tunnels, water basins on the moon. And, the moon either (after all) has an atmosphere or a very good substitute that carries clouds, breaks light and lets meteors burn up. It used to be believed that the lunar craters came from extinct volcanoes. This theory was later falsified and replaced by the statement that the craters came from meteorite impacts. Today science baffles the fact (largely unknown to the public) that some of the craters do not come from meteorites, but also not from extinct volcanoes, but ... are active volcanoes !!! This is confirmed by volcanic eruptions and moonquakes observed by the Apollo crews. Although it is claimed that the moon is "dead," there is evidence that something is growing on the moon and changing with the seasons. What else could that be besides vegetation ??? Over a hundred years ago, the astronomer Gruithuisen observed criss-crossing lines and squares north of the Schröter crater (resembling satellite images of inner-city districts. In the 1930s, a "tube system" was spotted in the Gassendi crater the Steckling brothers three very large, cigar-shaped objects (32 * 4.5 km) at the bottom of "Archimedes". On the famous astronomer Walter Haas saw 2 meteor flashes (!). This proves that the moon has an atmosphere that is dense is enough to let the meteors glow !!! The crater Plato (4 55 km²; near the north pole of the moon) is partly covered over large parts of its area by clouds and has whitish frost or snow at the crater edges. It became white, gray and Red clouds sighted, which cast visible shadows, studies of the north and south poles of the moon suggest a higher concentration of clouds there (indication of a temperate climate) But there is a lot going on on the moon: There are indications of cities, mining, transports, flashes of light, UFO activities ... In other words: "THE MOON IS ALIVE AND WELL RUNNING" Dave Darling (amateur astronomer): "There is a growing belief that the Moon is a base of operations for the UFO activities observed in our skies. "Traces on the Moon It is difficult to identify / recognize something that is not known. That's why the many

22 artificially created objects / structures on the moon, which can be seen on numerous officially published NASA images, simply not recognized as such. "We can say that we see it, but since it shouldn't be there, we simply don't believe that it exists." ("Because what cannot be, what must not be") are "life-like mosses" on many photos of the moon und lichens ", but also clearly artificially created structures. However, since they are not recognized by many laypeople and many scientists fear for their reputation, this fact remains mostly unknown. Transport systems consisting of tunnels and pipe systems seem to exist on the moon. In addition, traces of objects can be found, some of which roll up (!) And down mountains (Fred Steckling: "Kind of mining vehicles or soil investigation device (s)?") And leave "chain-like" impressions. The most common (unusual) structures found on the moon are dome-shaped structures (the dome construction is also used on earth in extreme situations, e.g. in the tropics or the polar regions, because the climate in domes is easier to control than in other constructions). Most of the structures on the moon are found in craters. There could be a simple reason for this: mining and easily accessible groundwater (mountain settlements are also mostly built in valleys in the mountainous regions of the world). There is an accumulation of domes in and near the Königkrater. There seems to be intense mining going on there, as large machines, as NASA photos show, stir up huge amounts of dust, and mountain sides and terraces are abraded. NASA reports that the moon is rich in iron, magnesium, aluminum silicate, and many other elements. The most abundant element is oxygen (!), Included in compounds with other elements (40% of the weight of the rock samples; silicon: 15%; aluminum, iron, titanium: together 15%). Since the moon is so rich in minerals, it doesn't seem like a problem building structures on it. NASA plans to set up colonies on the moon, with cylindrical constructions up to 30 km long (!) To be manufactured with the help of the raw materials available on the moon. This proves how rich in raw materials the moon and how productive mining is on our satellite. Our moon, a dead planet? "The moon is bare, desolate, cannot support life and is just a dead rock." That’s the widespread belief. But this needs a correction: "The moon is alive, dynamic and beautiful" (Apollo 11 crew) and (seismologically) "active": The moon has a detectable magnetic field and, a "thin" atmosphere (Times,) astronomers report geometrical shaped light patterns, an 80 km (!) wide opaque object, large white dome and long bridge-like constructions; Scientists from the USA and USSR saw "a huge, oval-shaped, glowing appearance". (Washington Daily News,) The moon has the same material as the earth: plants, vegetables, and seeds grown in lunar samples are stronger than comparable plants from the earth; Evidence that the lunar soil surely acts as a source of food (Washington Daily News) "Water clouds were discovered on the moon," emerging like geysers from crevices in the lunar surface (sighted by Apollo 12 / Apollo 14), and an area greater than 16

23 km² covered (eastern edge of the Sea of ​​Storms) (UPI press release,) "The discovery of moonquakes, leaking gas and water means that the moon is not dead" (Dr. W. Freeman) "That looks down there like clouds "(Astronaut Borman, from lunar orbit) Apollo 10:" Lunar volcanoes sighted "" Astronaut Satfford observed two volcanoes while orbiting the moon at a height of only 105 km "; Astronauts report many different colors on the back of the moon and several craters, the centers of which glow: "They only glow during the lunar night" (Astronaut Cernan) (United Press International,) Report on the experiences of Apollo 15 (National Geographic Magazine, February 1972 issue): Moon has a magnetic field, an (extremely thin) atmosphere; Registration of moonquakes and water vapor (p. 245); Discovery of a series of conical volcanoes which emitted gases (S 250); Inexplicable clouds of mist and flashes of color in the Aristarchus crater and surroundings (S 252); Water, clouds and vegetation on the moon Many photos of the moon suggest that there is vegetation there !!! Color images of Apollo 8 from the back of the moon show it in direct sunlight in a rich brown. This suggests that this is an original color. However, other (color) images of Apollo 8 clearly show green vegetation, which, located in shady areas of the hills and craters, differs very well from the rest of the brown desert-like (?) Landscape. There are recordings of one and the same area that show a brown and a green surface. This could indicate a kind of change of season. Many images of the moon published by NASA are bluish, although an Apollo crew never reported a blue coloration of the moon, but it is possible to produce similarly colored images of the earth by taking photos of the air with a blue filter. Then brown, yellowish and green fields blur into a "bluish mass". It would not be possible for an alien race to recognize the vegetation of the earth in these pictures, especially if it is assumed that there is no vegetation like this! So has the moon's vegetation been hidden from the public? Photos that are taken from space from the earth (both black and white and color images) show many ("very") black areas: lakes. It is precisely these black areas that can also be found in photographs of the moon, especially near the North Pole. The Tsiolkowsky crater on the back of the moon is also called "the lake" (!) By astronauts because it looks like a crater full of water. Vertical close-ups show that the "lake" is clear and relatively shallow because you can see the bottom. Apollo astronauts report that the lunar surface appeared wet to them, the fact that all of the astronauts' footprints are very clearly outlined also suggests this. According to research and calculations by the Italian scientist Dr. Maria revealed that the entire water of the moon, if it were brought to the surface, would completely cover it with an ocean 15 meters deep. Large areas at the north pole of the moon appear to be covered by clouds at times, further evidence of moisture, because clouds can only form when there is (abundant) moisture. According to photo evaluations, the compression of the clouds seems to take place at a low altitude (approx. Above ground) (reference to the densest area of ​​the atmosphere; cf. earth). Similar to the monsoon clouds on Earth, the clouds seem to be on the mountain side.

24 "The gravity of the moon is 1/6 of the gravity of the earth. With such a low gravity it (a celestial body) is not possible to hold an atmosphere and therefore impossible to produce life". This or something like that is the "standard answer" to the question of whether there could be life on the moon. But that the moon really has an atmosphere has meanwhile been proven. However, the exact density and composition of the lunar atmosphere are still kept secret. A "phenomenon" that can be used to describe the relationship between the moon's gravity and that of the earth is the neutral point between the moon and the earth, the point at which both "gravitational forces" cancel each other out (= "neutral gravity point"). Various publications before the Apollo missions set the neutral point between km and km.This is absolutely consistent with the traditional 1/6 (gravity) rule. However, the Times reported on the location of the neutral point as determined by the Apollo crews: miles from the moon! (Further specifications: "History of Rocketry and Space Travel (1969): km;" Encyclopedia Britannica ": km;" We Reached The Moon ": km;" Footprints on the moon ": km) Today the estimates vary between km and km (previously: km to km). According to the new values, the gravity of the moon is around 64% (!) (A person with 50kg on earth does not weigh 8.8kg on the moon, but 32kg (!)) Even during the Apollo landings there were clear indications of a gravity well above the official value: 1. Lunar cars: The high speeds and tight, fast cornering would have had devastating consequences with a gravity of 1/6. 2. Movements of the astronauts: "The stereotypical slow motion astronauts walk on the moon [...] was created by slowing down the images before sending them to television viewers on Earth to create the impression of low gravity [...] but [...] ] John Young [did] something that was hardly intended. He tried to jump high, but could only reach a height of about thirty-five centimeters. A fifteen centimeter hop on the earth corresponds to a gravity of only one sixth, as it is assumed on the moon, at least three meters. Several times we have seen that the astronauts could walk fairly normally on the moon. That would be impossible in a gravity of only one-sixth, even if they carried a load on their backs the equivalent of ninety kilograms on earth. Each step would throw them at least ten feet up and at the same time they would have come at least fourteen feet forward. [... Also] in a gravity of a sixth one would never stumble and fall like astronaut Chas Duke, not even in a spacesuit. A solid atmosphere was evident just five and a half kilometers above the surface of the moon, for objects in the shadows were clearly visible and the sky was even clearer. Occasionally clouds could be seen. "(Mr. Boys Petersen:" UFO CONTACT ", June 1985 edition) During their missions, astronauts often talked about waving flags, wobbling cables and fluttering strings. Phenomena that would not take place without an atmosphere, without Atmosphere no wind can arise (Apollo 16 used a reinforced flag that could not fly as a result).

25 The approach to land by Apollo 11 offers further proof of the existence of a lunar atmosphere: the landing module drifted off a little 2min 20 seconds before touchdown, then had to slide further at a height of 23 meters and land by hand. This drifting indicates a denser, not counted lunar atmosphere. The fact that there are seismic activities on the moon is further solid proof that the moon must have a (relatively dense) atmosphere: If the moon did not have a substantial atmosphere that would To counteract forces and thus ensure pressure equalization, the moon would have "dissolved" long ago. The origin of the German UFOs As early as the Second World War, the American secret service transmitted the knowledge of an advanced and complicated spaceship completed by Germany in 1945, which was able to exceed 4500 km / h, make changes of direction of 90, ascend vertically and land, and much more More.1 For a long time little was known about this type of airplane. All documents about it were confiscated by the Allies. The builders of these aircraft worked like the builders of the V1 and V2 missiles after the war for the USSR or the USA. After German unification, a film was made about the projects in which these aircraft were developed. This attracted many former employees who contributed extensive documentation and photo material to the film. In the old photos you can see how the bell-shaped and disc-shaped flying objects float in the air. You can see Balkenkreuz emblems, swastikas and SS symbols. Very little is known about the function of the drive. The American electronics engineer Gerald L. Vano gave a description of this type of propulsion in 1995.3 The bell-shaped flying objects were developed by a technical SS department called the Thule Society and called their flying objects Haunebu. They consisted of a space capsule, which was spherical for pressure stability during space flights or for the build-up of an electric field. A ring rotated around this sphere, but it was not visible from the outside. Below the flying object were three smaller balls. According to Gerald L.Vano, such flying objects are driven by electromagnetic force, which is generated by the rotation of extremely highly charged electric fields. The balls at the lower end are hollow and are supposed to build up the electric field. They work like a tape generator or a Van De Graaff generator that you know from physics class.