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29 reviews from students

Working mechanism of economy

Business Administration

The course itself is a lot of fun for me, as it gives me a lot of information about the economy and its processes, e.g. in the areas of bookkeeping and annual financial statements, marketing, macro and micro economics, etc.
I would like to recommend anyone who is interested in economic topics to start the course.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? I like the gradual reaction of the university from semester to semester, how they develop and you can see the improvements. But some modules are (self-study) without videos or meetings via zoom. That is what burdens the students.

An exciting study with interesting content!

Business Administration

The digital teaching works well and studying is fun! I have the feeling that important content is conveyed and that it is not restricted by the corona pandemic. The lecturers endeavor to make a good start to the course possible.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? All modules take place exclusively online. Likewise the first week. There were various opportunities to meet new people online.
The exams should continue to take place in attendance.

From basic studies to experts in 6 semesters

Business Administration

Studying business administration in Marburg is easy to do with a little hard work and organized time management. The basic course is a bit monotonous and very math-heavy, but is balanced by interesting options for export modules and an extensive selection of specializations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to gain practical experience within the university, but workshops or presentations by companies provide an insight into the world of work. The lectures are given by lecturers who are experts in ... Read more

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? Due to the corona crisis, the university had to switch to this change spontaneously. At first it was a bit bumpy, but now the lectures are held online without any problems and the exchange between students and teachers is always possible. As far as possible, face-to-face events that have actually taken place are possible. The exams took place and there were no disadvantages for students.

Great study in a great city

Business Administration

After 5 semesters I can say that studying here in Marburg is worthwhile.
Of course there are some subjects that everyone considers unnecessary or does not suit their interests.
However, there are really good chairs that offer interesting modules. From Acc & Finance to the management focus, there are capable chairs that offer events with renowned practitioners (Big Four, DAX, UB) in addition to the normal program.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? Pretty good. Most events are digital and content is customized and there are many ways to ask questions.