What is an approaching bee

Work in progress: The bee from the book "Spelling Bee"

Today I'm not showing anything that has been sewn, but something that is currently being made: my Bee Block from the wonderful book "Spelling Bee" by Lori Holt. This includes instructions for lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation marks and cute "picture blocks". When I saw the book, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful motifs and immediately knew which one I would like to sew first: the bee.

Bee experiment No. 2

I decided on the size 6 ½ inch (16.5 cm) and unfortunately found two errors in the cutting list. That's why I sewed the bee twice in a row. With the first bee I noticed right at the beginning that two squares of the cut part H must be ¼ ”smaller, namely those that are sewn to the cut part K. Otherwise the head will be much more pointed than shown in the book.

I discovered the second mistake too late. You can see it well in the photo below at bee no. 1: The black head doesn't quite connect to the yellow stripe on the body. There is about a ¼ ”offset. At first, of course, I thought the fault was mine, so I did some research on the internet to see what the bee looks like in others. But there was this misalignment everywhere. So for my second bee I just made pattern E ¼ "larger and voilà, now it’s all right.

It didn't hurt to sew the bee twice. Apart from the little mistake in the manual, my first bee turned out to be quite crooked. With the second I paid even more attention to sewing very precisely and not to warp anything while ironing. It was worth it: The second bee has become much straighter and prettier.

Bee experiment No. 1

Maybe I didn't mind cutting the second time because I'm inaugurating my new Creative Grids rulers. The sizes are absolutely awesome. I've got used to the 1½ "x 12½" ruler in particular. It corresponds roughly to a 30 cm ruler and is very practical for quickly measuring something. The handy 4½ "x 18½" ruler is always used where the 6½ "x 24½" ruler is too long and bulky.

By the way, my enthusiasm for the book "Spelling Bee" is unbroken despite the small number of mistakes. There are so many measurements in the book that something like this can really happen. It is also not that bad because even with the two incorrect statements a beautiful bee would have come out. I am still very impressed with this book, the way it is made and the instructions are absolutely excellent and 100% understandable. I'm looking forward to the next motifs, and I would also like to sew letters.

But now I'm going to finish the bee and make a mini quilt for the wall behind my desk out of it. I'll show you that next time.

Today the striped bumbler is doing a little round at RUMS.

Addendum: You can take a look at the finished bee mini quilt here.

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