What is the use of plastic

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this page is aimed at everyone who is interested in plastics.

Here you can find information on various plastics that are important in everyday life, unfortunately the project is limited to plastics that are somehow related to clothing or the kitchen (but that's a lot). In addition, there are pages on the chemical and physical properties of plastics, and mechanisms for the production of various plastics are explained.

Structure and color code:

Plastics in everyday life (green pages): A brief overview of exactly where plastics occur in everyday life, intended as an introduction to the following pages.

Plastics chemical (yellow pages): Information on individual plastics, their chemical structure, their properties and their use.

Concepts (red pages): This describes how different properties of plastics come about.

Production (purple pages):Description of different reaction mechanisms and processes for the production of plastics.

Other (blue pages):Here you will find, for example, a small glossary, a table with an overview of plastics and a list of literature and links.
There is also a table of contents with a detailed overview of the individual pages.

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