How can I forget this girl

Translation of "Mädchen forgotten" in English

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I leave you the other Girl forget.
You have to Girl forget, Melinda.
You have to let the girl go, Melinda.
Listen man, you have to do this Girl forget.
Peregrinus Tys almost had the beautiful Girl forgetthat lay lifeless at his feet; so much was he under the spell of this magical insect.
So enthralled was Peregrinus Tys by this magical insect that he had almost forgotten the beautiful girl lying lifeless at his feet.

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I've been wandering aimlessly for hours on end girl to to forget.
Mother, I was riding around for hours and hours trying to forget this girl.
I can do it girl Not to forget.
It's tough, it's such a great one girl to to forget.
I know it's tough to forget as well girl like that.
We are allowed to abduct them girl Not to forget.
come on girl, Don't put on your seat belt to forget.
Through the whole monkey circus ... I've got you and yours girl completely to forget.
I can take this picture of that girl Not to forget!
I just can't get the image of that girl out of my at least.
And of course I will never ... that girl next door to forget.
And of course, I'll never forget the girl next door.
Except the little ones girl, the to forget have that Halloween only lasts one night.
Except for little girls who forget That halloween only lasts one night.
Sometimes to forget the girlto interpret them.
Sometimes they forget to leave them in the rooms.
So they weren't drinking to kill anyone girl to to forget?
I want to remind my friends of theirs girl at home not too to forget.
I shall remind my friends that we should take care of business before pleasure.
Usually the flowers thrown from the windowsill are the ones girl, but once to forget, to do it.
Usually the flowers from the window sill threw the maid, but once forgot to do it.
Bit by bit to forget the girl more and more of him.
I am sure that this is girl not so fast to forget become.
Pretty sure that's something those girls will not soon forget.
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