Helps Surya Mudra lose weight

Simple weight loss trick It really works: This simple hand movement will help you lose weight

Perhaps you also know this: You do sport and eat healthily, leave out the soda and sweets and still you do not lose weight. This can be because your metabolism is too sluggish or certain energy channels are blocked. Weight-loss tricks such as “eat spicy food” and “drink cold water” only help to a limited extent. A simple hand movement, on the other hand, can stimulate the metabolism.

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Does that sound too unrealistic to you? Well, maybe you believe more when we tell you that the hand movement comes from yoga. This ancient teaching has already helped many people with health problems. In addition, you can easily try out the hand position on the sofa or at the desk. So it's worth a try.

“Surya Mudra” is the name of the hand position we are talking about. "Mudras" are general finger exercises in yoga. These hand positions are mostly taken during meditation in order to release certain energies.

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"Surya Mudra" stands for a functioning metabolism. This hand pose is supposed to stimulate digestion and metabolism and thus help you lose weight.

And this is how it works:

It is best to use Surya Mudra during meditation. In theory, you can easily incorporate this simple exercise into your everyday life at any time. You can only use one hand or both.

Bend your ring finger and keep your other fingers loosely stretched. Then place the thumb of the same hand on the middle phalanx of the bent ring finger and apply light pressure. You can place your hands on your thighs or on your lap if you want. It is important that the palms of the hands are facing up.

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Now close your eyes and hold the position. You should remain very calm for at least three minutes. You will achieve the best effect if you practice "Surya Mudra" three times a day for about a quarter of an hour. In this way you ensure a certain amount of relaxation at the same time. And that is also important when losing weight.

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