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Our mission: Like no other company in the German-speaking region, DOTZON stands for expertise in digital identities. Companies, cities and organizations have trusted TLD consulting and the solutions from DOTZON since 2005. Our services help our customers to establish a digital identity, to protect and expand their brand in the digital space. Our top-level domain consulting has enabled numerous cities, regions, companies and organizations to operate their own digital infrastructure. In this way, we are democratizing the Internet and enabling access to infrastructure that was only available to a few in the past.

Cities, regions and brands use their own top-level domain to protect their brand. They use them to create and promote digital innovations for their stakeholders and to differentiate themselves from competitors. In doing so, you benefit from the broad wealth of experience of our specialists with a wide range of networks. We have in-depth knowledge, expertise and contacts, among other things. from over fifteen years of cooperation with Internet organizations such as ICANN as well as politics, business and associations.

Our geoTLD customers include .berlin and .hamburg, which are among the most successful German Internet broadcasts. Well-known and visible brands with their own TLD are our customers .edeka and .audi. Our customers .onl and .rich are new alternatives that complement the existing general TLDs such as .com and .biz. Communities that have applied for their own top-level domain with our support are .hiv and .versicherung.