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10 tips for Facebook: Settings for more security and privacy

Tip 1: Make posts only visible to friends

You don't want all Facebook users to see your pictures, just your friends - just like everything else you post? You can set this as the default setting for your posts. On the blue bar in the top right, tap the little arrow and go to the Settings. In the sidebar click on privacy. Next Who can see your future posts should Friends stand. If not, tap To edit and make a selection. Nevertheless, with every post you should make sure that there are really friends at the bottom of the preview window and not the globe - then the entry would be public.

Tip 2: organize friends in lists

You can divide Facebook friends into different lists and only publish posts for certain groups. Click under in the left sidebar Discover on show more. Find the entry Friends lists. On the next page, choose + Create list. Give it a name like colleagues or Close friends, and enter the names of the people. Confirm with Create. Before you publish your next post, select this list at the bottom of the post window by clicking the arrow next to Friends.

Tip 3: hide old profile and cover pictures

Your profile and cover picture can be seen publicly by all Facebook users - including the previous ones, including the comments below. You can hide old profile and cover pictures by changing their status individually. Open your profile by clicking your name in the top left. Select the tab photosand go to Albums. click on Profile pictures. You can see all of your previous photos for your profile. Click on one of the images to open it, then click on the arrow next to the globe at the top. Choose Friends out. Proceed like this for all images - including in the Cover Images folder.

Tip 4: check posts

Are you sure that all of your posts are only visible to friends? You can quickly control this by displaying your profile as it looks public - i.e. for someone who is not friends with you. Open your profile by clicking on your name at the top left. Pick the three dots next to Activity log in your cover photo. Go to View from the point of view of ... Scroll down to see which posts are visible. You can change their status by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and then on Edit Post click. Then choose below Friends Instead of the Globe.

Tip 5: hide your profile on Google

If someone searches for your name on Google or in another search engine, your Facebook profile will also appear - unless you prevent this. On the Facebook start page, go to the small arrow in the top right corner and then to the Settings. Click in the sidebar on the left privacy. At the very bottom you will find the point Would you like search engines outside of Facebook to display your profile? Should be right behind it No stand. If not, click To edit and remove the tick.

Improve security with FaceID and more

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The security of the app can be increased in the settings of the Facebook Messenger. For example, you can use FaceID to restrict access to the app.