How much can you earn as a hairdresser

Salary hairdresser / hairdresser

The training salary of a prospective hairdresser is not particularly high, but this occupation has many advantages: It is fun if you like to work creatively and at the same time want to have as much customer contact as possible. You work in a team, during your training and of course at work. You can see the results of your work immediately and it's fun to make people more beautiful in the salon or in private. There are also numerous training opportunities to increase your skills and your salary.

Salary during training

Since you cannot carry out most of the activities yourself in the first year of your apprenticeship, but rather look over the shoulders of your trainer and employees, your salary is still quite low. It is between 520 and 540 euros gross per month. In the second year of training, your wages rise to around 610 to 650 euros and in the third year you earn between 700 and 770 euros gross. Training salaries vary from location to location, from salon to salon, and from east to west. In any case, your salary will be recorded in the apprenticeship contract.

Salary after training

After completing your training as a hairdresser, you can apply to companies or you will even be hired as a specialist by your training company. You are no longer an apprentice and therefore receive a full entry-level salary that is between 1,500 and 1,800 euros gross. The more work experience you gain, the more you can earn. But you probably won't get more than 2,400 euros. Unless you educate yourself! With a championship title, your wages are significantly higher - up to 3,000 euros gross. However, further training to become a master is subject to a fee.