Do we need reasons for our beliefs?

Beliefs: What To Insist On

Everyone still has enough strength to do what they are convinced of. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe recognized the importance of beliefs and how they can influence life. Even today, beliefs have not lost their importance, but unfortunately many people deviate from them again and again. You make exceptions, sometimes you don't take things too seriously or you make compromises on things that you shouldn't actually negotiate - which you usually regret later. How Beliefs Are Made and Ten Things You Should Insist on ...

How do beliefs arise?

Everyone has their own convictions - one can do that Opinion on a topic or personal belief in the correctness of a particular idea be. For example, some people believe that everything will turn out fine in their life, others believe that you are smarter than most other people, and still others believe that all of life is predetermined by fate.

Of course, these are only a few examples of the myriad variety of individual beliefs, but these are sufficient to illustrate the most important properties of a belief:

  • They are very different. Of course there are people who share the same beliefs in some areas, but overall these are very individual and different - and those who agree on one thing can have completely different views on another topic.
  • You don't have to be true. Beliefs should not be confused with facts or reality. These are only your own and personal views, which are sometimes completely absurd and can hardly be understood by outsiders.
  • It is often difficult to break away from you If someone is really convinced that they are smarter than those around them, they will hardly be dissuaded from this opinion by arguments, after all, they believe that the arguments come from someone who cannot hold a candle to them intellectually. This is the case with almost all convictions: once captured, the opinion from outside can hardly be changed.

Now you already know what characterizes beliefs, but the question remains: How do beliefs arise? After all, these are not just there, but first have to develop and consolidate over time. Basically, the emergence of beliefs in two types divided.

  • By taking over from other people. Many beliefs are inherited from important caregivers. In this way children already learn what their parents consider right or wrong and form their first own convictions. However, caution is advised here, as this can also be used in adulthood to persuade other people or to influence them in a targeted manner.
  • Through experience or observation. However, beliefs can also be formed yourself. To stick with the example already given above, observing that things are turning out for good can lead to this belief being carried over to any area of ​​life.

Beliefs: 10 Things To Insist On

Life, whether professional or private, is almost always a togetherness, a give and take. Often times you will find yourself in a situation where a compromise is required in order to maintain fellowship. But you should make sure that Not to deny your beliefs or to put the opinions of others above your own. After a while, you often realize that you should have stayed true to your principles. You get annoyed with yourself and have to put up with the question of whether you really did the right thing when mine violated your own convictions. It is therefore better to insist on the things that are important to you. This can sometimes be the harder way, as you have to assert your point of view and not avoid a possible conflict, but it can boost your self-confidence to stand by what you believe in.

Our list shows you 10 things to insist on, even if those around you may have a different opinion.

  1. Insist on being yourself.

    People tend to pretend to be accepted and liked by their environment. But only if you manage to appear with your own personality and authenticity can you be happy in the long run. Not only is it very frustrating for you to have to constantly play a role and fear that your acting will be exposed. If you are not yourself, your self-esteem will also suffer from not assessing your own personality as good enough.

  2. Insist on thinking optimistically.

    They are everywhere, in every company and in every circle of friends - the pessimists, the nonsense, the curmudgeon. They always find a fly in the ointment and spread their negative thoughts. The most important thing is: don't let this drag you down. Those who assume it will all go wrong often find that the same thing will happen. But if you keep your optimism, you will see what positive thoughts can do.

  3. Insist on being around the right people.

    In the end it is in your own hands who you let part of your life and who you keep out of the way. And you shouldn't underestimate this decision. There are many companions who encourage or support you. But unfortunately there are just as many who stand in your way and ruin your plans. Surround yourself with the right people who are good for you and help you progress; this also strengthens your self-confidence.

  4. Insist on not living in the past.

    The things that happened did happened. There is nothing you can do about that. Let go of the past and instead focus on the future. Do not cling to old successes or failures, but use your energy to tackle a new task. To leave the past behind, you must also learn to jump over your shadow, forgive others, and accept change rather than resisting it.

  5. Insist on learning more.

    School, studies or training often give the impression that after graduation you have learned everything you need to know. Don't fall for this fallacy. Whether you are 20, 40 or 60 - you should always have the urge to learn something new and expand your skills. Maybe through a new foreign language or are you learning to program your own homepage? You can also learn from mistakes by understanding the mistake and adapting and improving your approach the next time you try.

  6. Insist on being friendly.

    Many people have no control over their temperament and get excited at every little thing. Everyone knows at least one person who makes you mad, even if you may not even be able to explain why. But since you certainly don't want to be a choleric, you should keep reminding yourself to be kind.

  7. Insist on pursuing your dreams.

    Everyone has dreams, whether material, professional or private. Maybe you want to build your own house, set up your own business, or start a family. Even if others think your dreams are unrealistic, you should still work towards your goals. That other people can't achieve their goals and dreams doesn't mean they can't. You don't want to have to wonder in the future what you could have achieved if only she dared to work on your dreams.

  8. Insist on being thankful.

    Everyone strives for more - more money, more success, more reputation. Gratitude for what has already been achieved often falls by the wayside. But when you become aware of the successes you have already had and the positive things in your life, you will feel happier and more satisfied. However, do not forget to thank the people who stood by your side on the way and who supported me in word and deed.

  9. Insist on taking time for yourself.

    To-do lists, appointments, deadlines - stressful working days can really get down to business. To balance the stress, you need time to yourself. How you use them is up to you: exercising, taking a relaxing bath or reading a good book with a cup of tea. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of by others, but rather actively claim time for yourself. Really switch off when you leave the office and give your body the time out it deserves and needs.

  10. Insist on taking risks.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained. There is a lot of truth in that. Because if you are not ready to take a certain risk from time to time, you will quickly find out that you are treading on the spot. So don't let yourself be dissuaded from making a decision the outcome of which you cannot predict 100 percent. For example, dare to take the step into a new job or dare to ask your boss about more responsibility. You will be surprised how much positive you can achieve when you are willing to take a risk.

And what do you insist on? Is there a point where you won't compromise? We look forward to your comments!

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