What animals eat beetles


The cockchafer is a well-known beetle. You can easily see the stable outer wings. In May the larva digs out of the earth. This is what gave the beetle its name.

Beetles are insects. Beetles live all over the world, just not in the sea or at the North Pole and South Pole. Over 20,000 species are known in Europe.

Each beetle has six legs. The beetles are called antennae. Beetles can be very different in size and look very different. That depends on where they live: Some beetles live in trees. If they have to flee from an enemy, they simply drop down These beetles are rather round and their antennae short.

The front wings of the beetles are very hard and protect the other wings like a hood. Therefore, beetles do not fly as fast as other insects. There are even beetles that cannot fly at all.

Humans divide the beetles into pests or beneficial insects. The bark beetle is one of the pests. He digs canals under the bark of trees. As a result, the tree dries out and dies. The ladybird, on the other hand, is beneficial: it likes to eat lice and thus helps gardeners.

How do beetles live?

The large oak buck deserves its name: In comparison, the coin shows how big the beetle can get.

Many beetles only feed on plants. They eat flowers, seeds, stems, roots and many other parts of the plant. But there are also beetles that feed on other insects. Some even eat carrion. These are animals that have already died. They eat almost all of it. The droppings of the beetles are again humus and fertilizer for nature.

Beetles reproduce through eggs. How many there are depends heavily on the type of beetle. The larvae then hatch from the eggs. They shed their skin several times as they grow. Eventually they pupate. The whole body is rebuilt in the doll. Feelers, legs and wings can usually be recognized by the doll. Then the beetle hatches from it. All of this happens once a year in our countries.

Beetles have many enemies: most birds will eat beetles, at least occasionally. But beetles are also a treat for mammals such as hedgehogs, mice, moles and bats. Fish, amphibians and reptiles also like to eat beetles. And last but not least, there are beetles that eat other beetles.

  • The cockchafer larva is also called "grub".

  • Bark beetles eat passages under the bark and cause the trees to die.