What is 6 9 x 2 3

Reduction according to DIN 2616 for tube Ø 114.3 x 2.6 mm x 88.9 x 2 mm stainless steel for tube Ø 114.3 x | 88.9 x 2 mm

Stainless steel reduction CONICAL for welding with a matt surface
Material: 1.4541 (V2A)

In the selection you can enter the respective dimensions and the number of pieces.
The outside diameter is always given


You can shorten the reduction to the required lengths in order to obtain the desired diameter.


You need a reduction from 114.3 to 63.5mm.
Select the 114.3 x 60.3 reduction and shorten the 60.3 mm side so that you get the outer diameter of 63.5 mm.

our extensive range of reducers is widely used in

  • Food and industry pipeline construction,
  • Construction,
  • Metal and steel construction
  • Exhaust construction
  • Special constructions or one-off production for exhaust systems
  • and in many other areas of application.

Reductions with the dimensions
22/28/34/40/52/70/85/104 and 129 mm
are to theFood DIN 11852 ajar,
continuously conical,
have a finer surface structure and are slightly shorter
(You can ask us for installation lengths)

Reductions with the dimensions
21,3 / 26,9 / 33,7 / 42,4 / 48,3 / 60,3 / 76,1 / 88,9 / 114,3
are after DIN 2616 manufactured and have cylindrical welding ends

Areas of application and information on DIN

DIN 11852 (smooth upper and inner structure) Redu can be used in the following areas:

Pipeline construction is used in the food industry, all media are allowed to flow through.
However, this reduction can also be used in all categories such as with Redu DIN 2616.

DIN 2616 (rougher upper and inner structure)
This standard applies to seamless and welded concentric and eccentric reducers made of steel which can withstand the same internal pressure as the pipes to be welded with wall thicknesses.

Redu can be used in the following areas:

Railings, structural engineering, pipeline construction, exhaust, mufflers, sills, front and roll bars, etc.

We stock dimensions from 12mm to 154mm as pipe and fittings such as elbows, crosses, tees and concentric reducers.

Most of the welded fittings are made of V2A.

We are happy to procure other materials, dimensions and designs that are not listed here at the customer's request.

Depending on the design, the stainless steel fittings for welding are from the food sector according to DIN11850 / DIN11851 and DIN11852 or from standard pipeline construction

Fittings for welding in according to DIN2609 DIN2605 DIN2615 DIN 2616.

The fittings are suitable for electrodes, MAG manual welding, TIG manual and orbital welding.

The corresponding dimensions of stainless steel pipes for the fittings can be found in our online shop