How can I easily remember definitions

Remembering: Painting helps the memory on the jumps

If we want to memorize things, it might be helpful to just paint them on. This is what scientists from the University of Waterloo around the psychologist Myra A. Fernandes report in the journal "Current Directions in Psychological Science". The team had investigated the memory of test subjects in several studies. The researchers discovered that test subjects remembered a list of terms such as "truck" or "pear" better when asked to draw it. If the participants instead wrote down the words several times, visualized them in their minds, or looked at pictures of the objects in question, it was not nearly as effective. The use of pencil and paper also paid off when memorizing definitions: for example, what was hidden behind an isotope, the test subjects were also better able to remember if they had to artistically implement the explanation and not just copy it off.

The authors write that people whose memory is already weak could benefit particularly from the effect. For example, older people do worse than young people when they are asked to memorize word lists by writing them down. On the other hand, if you let them draw the terms, this disadvantage disappears again. And even dementia sufferers can use the drawing method to give their memory a boost, as an experiment revealed in which patients from an old people's home were asked to memorize a list of 60 words using various methods.

Fernandes suggest that the reason that painting works so well as a memory aid is because it contains both a visual and a motor component. In addition, you have to deal more with a term or a definition if you want to draw it. On the other hand, the artistic skills are not important: Even participants without drawing experience, who only scribbled rough shapes, were able to remember better afterwards. Further studies should now show whether painting as a memory technique also proves to be useful in more complex intellectual concepts or, for example, in appointments that one would like to keep in mind.