Schools are a universal concept

The private elementary and middle school "Learn with me" in Universal Life is a state-recognized school of ideology that has been making a name for itself for many years with the best degrees, awards in competitions and, above all, with self-confident, bright students.

An all-day school model has been successfully practiced here since 1991 with an integrative approach for all areas of talent: from the 1st class to the secondary school leaving certificate, which opens the way to secondary schools up to the Abitur or vocational training.

The Bavarian Ministry of Culture awarded the private school state recognition in 2006, which means that our school is on an equal footing with state schools.

The educational concept

More and more parents want the upbringing and management of their children to convey ethical and moral values ​​that give them a good basis for their start in life.

As a state-recognized school of ideology, the private school "Learn with me" teaches the subject matter provided for in the Bavarian curriculum. From an ideological point of view, the private school is based on the concept of the Sophia schools »Learn with me for the universal life«. The universal unity of all being, as it is taught in the Ten Commandments of God through Moses and in the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, the Christ, forms the basis of the educational concept.

It leads to the freedom and personal responsibility of the adolescent and helps him in his developmental steps to become a conscious, ethically and morally valuable person.

You can learn well together in a family atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable Experiencing nature and dealing with animals leads to respect for creation  
  • - straightforwardness
  • - Openness
  • - honesty

The upbringing leads the children and young people to the point where they can stand "their wife" and "their husband" in life and in a straightforward manner

  • - for the family
  • - are for society.

Orientation towards ethical and moral values

The school motto - and thus the guideline for living together - is the "golden rule", which reads: "What you don't want someone to do to you, don't do it to anyone else!" Jesus of Nazareth gave us this rule of life 2000 years ago in His Sermon on the Mount, where it says: "What you want others to do to you, do it to them first".

The goals of the school community therefore include:

- We respect and value all fellow human beings, because they are children of God like us.
- We meet everyone in an open and friendly manner.
- We help each other learn.
- We are straightforward, open and honest. We resolve conflicts that arise in conversation
- We respect animals and nature and together we also care for the plants in the school house and in the school garden.
- We handle furniture and teaching materials with care.
- We take responsibility so that we survive later in life and are there in a straightforward manner for the family and for society.
- We practice social behavior and virtues such as politeness, helpfulness, table manners, keeping order, a sense of community.
- This is how we acquire decency and behavior, ethics, morals and style.