What makes a guy look attractive

What makes us attractive to the opposite sex?

When looking for a partner, attractiveness is crucial. But what exactly is it that makes us attractive? Isn't beauty relative? We have dealt with these questions. You will likely be amazed at the result. Don't worry: you don't need to be a catalog beauty to score points with the opposite sex.

Appearance selection criterion

To get straight to the point: Appearance is important. Very important, in fact. We perceive our world primarily through our eyes. You are one of our most important Sense organs. Optics are particularly important when choosing a partner. It also depends on the character and personal traits that set you apart. However, only in the second instance.

A relationship includes sex and eroticism. If the appearance and thus the physical attraction between two people is not right, the other usually separates immediately as potential relationship partner out.

You probably know this situation from your own experience: You have met a nice man who would be an ideal partner in itself. In principle. Everything fits in character. But the spark doesn't jump over with you. Your counterpart is not physically for you "attractive„.

Who is beautiful?

Attractiveness researchers have worked out eight criteria that should objectively show what makes women and men attractive to us:

  • symmetry
  • youthfulness
  • Nice skin and hair
  • Proportions
  • Hormone markers
  • Averages
  • Move
  • odor

That’s what’s behind it biologically conditioned reproductive effortsthat is deeply rooted in our genes: the more beautiful, healthier and more well-proportioned a person looks, the better the conditions for offspring. The more attractive it is to us.

This explains to a certain extent why the youthful, beautiful appearance is particularly important for men when choosing a partner: In women, reproductive ability is more closely linked to age.

And this realization also makes it clear why older singles are more willing at this point Trade-offs To do: From a certain age, family planning no longer plays a role.

So beauty is not in the eye of the beholder: it is measurable.

What do men find attractive about women?

An average one symmetrical face With healthy, clear skin, men find women attractive, according to the above study. Do you have big, shiny eyes, full lips and plump cheeks? Men like it when you like the so-called "Child schema“Corresponds to.

Even if you have high cheekbones, you're likely to attract the opposite sex.

Also crucial: A full head of hair, a lush cleavage and a narrow waist. The reason is purely biological. With these physical characteristics you speak the "hidden neanderthals“In a man: The characteristics that make you attractive to him refer to your high fertility. Incidentally, a pool that is happy to give birth promises healthy offspring.

In addition, when choosing a partner, men tend to prefer women who are shorter than them and who have a high voice.

The facial expression as a mirror of emotions

Are you a tall woman with thin hair, small breasts and little bottom? Don't worry: you definitely won't stay single forever. The attractiveness research concentrates predominantly on the biological reason for the Attraction of beauty. Fortunately, looks aren't all that make you attractive to others.

First and foremost, it is a door opener: if the prerequisites are right, the actual getting to know each other can begin. But even with a confident, happy charisma, these doors open for you. And from then on you score with your inner values!

So-called Expression features namely also play a role. They reveal your emotional state to other people. Does your facial expression seem open and positive? This suggests that you are a kind and sociable person. It makes you look extremely sympathetic to your fellow human beings.

You cannot easily change the look you have given you. But you can very well influence your external image and ensure that you are perceived as more attractive as a woman:

  • Smile
  • breathe slowly and deeply,
  • look your fellow human beings straight in the eye during conversations.

Even if you don't necessarily feel like it, you will find that you actually feel better when you smile! Smile and laugh lifts your mood. Do not you think? Try it! If you are satisfied with yourself, it will affect your overall charisma and impact on others - you will likely automatically appear attractive.

Character: characteristics of lovable women

Of course, when it comes to dating, it plays a huge role whether you can have a stimulating conversation with a man and whether he feels comfortable around you. This is where the limits of the scientific approach become apparent: The results of the attractiveness research are mainly based on laboratory situations.

Let's look at one Investigation with real people at:

According to a study by ElitePartner, a sense of humor is a top priority for men. If you can laugh, fool around, and have fun with a guy, that makes you incredibly attractive in his eyes.

91% of the interviewees feel drawn to humorous women. Immediately afterwards follow with 90% loyalty and warmth.

In addition, the men surveyed find women attractive who ...

  • are soulful and tender (89%),
  • Bring intelligence (89%),
  • like to communicate and meet others openly (86%) and the
  • are educated (84%).

For you this means: Score not only with your appearance, but also charm a man with wit, charm, knowledge and your positive charisma! When you yourself feel sexy and good, he will show you that confidence. That makes you irresistible!

Another tip: when it comes to make-up, less is actually more. Men like it when you look as natural as possible.

What do women find attractive in men?

The woman's first look is also that of a "Neanderthal woman“: As a man, are you tall, broad-shouldered and self-confident? Is your voice deep Then you probably have a good hand with women. Women also pay attention to healthy skin and full hair. All of these characteristics point to yours Health and fertility down.

In addition to a masculine look, it is important that you look well-groomed and wear well-fitting clothing. This signals that you are in control of your life.

Women usually want an independent and genuinely self-confident partner. (Danger: Do not confuse it with arrogance and arrogance. This is extremely repulsive and makes you look less attractive!)

If you are too shy to flirt as a man, you are wasting your chances with your reluctance: women want to be addressed and conquered by you.

A confident charisma is one of the most important flirtation signals of a man.

Tips for more self-confidence

If you feel shy and insecure, work on yours Self-esteem:

  • Do sports. This makes for a muscular, well-defined body.
  • Look for a hairstyle that suits you.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and choose colors that show off your eyes.
  • Don't neglect your personal hygiene. A pleasant scent is particularly important.
  • Take care of your teeth, hands and fingernails (no joke: women take care!)
  • Practice flirting. Have as many conversations with women as possible. It can be irrelevant small talks. The main thing is to learn to communicate with the opposite sex in a relaxed and carefree manner and to put your shyness off a bit.
  • Tell yourself every day that you are an attractive man and that you like yourself for who you are. This affects your self-image and lets you shine from within.

We have discovered some exciting scientific studies on this topic and brought the results to the point for you:

  • A Scottish study from 2010 with 3,770 participants shows that women find older men attractive. The name "George Clooney Effect“Naturalized. Women seem to be drawn to power and influence.
  • In 2013, Australian researchers came to the conclusion, after a study with 177 male and 351 female subjects, that stubble (10-day beard) make men attractive. Facial hair stands for maturity, but also for Strength and dominance. So just leave the shave off for a week or two in the morning.
  • An American study from 2007 looks at the muscles. 286 female test persons rated the attractiveness of men with bare chests using photos. Result: respondents prefer muscular candidates for an affair. For a relationship, however, they want less muscle-bound partners. So a little exercise and strength training won't hurt.

What makes you attractive

Ultimately, what makes you attractive is a mixture of looks, charisma and character. If you do not meet the objective criteria of the attractiveness researchers: It doesn't matter! Care for one positive charisma. If you feel comfortable in your body, you automatically appear attractive to other people.

You may not have everything in your hand. But there are still a few things you can do to appear attractive and personable.

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