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Muesli for a healthy breakfast

Muesli: the healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. (Photo by: magone / Depositphotos)

Many people believe that breakfast the most important meal of the day is. After all, it ensures a good start to the day and quite a few need their breakfast to get going in the first place.

As possible full-fledged should be breakfast so that it achieves the desired effect. Jam, white toast and nougat cream are usually not the right components of a good breakfast, because they raise the blood sugar level for a short time and make you hungry again within a very short time.

Better for that healthy breakfast suitable is cereal. The grain ensures that the blood sugar level stays up for a long time and the almost unlimited combination options with a variety of ingredients mean that muesli is always a varied breakfast ingredient.

The basis for muesli

There are different types of muesli, depending on their composition:

  • Bircher muesli: This is an absolute classic and consists mainly of oatmeal.
  • Chocolate cereal mix: These are particularly popular and usually contain oatmeal, oat bran and small chocolate chips. Cocoa powder provides the additional "chocolate kick".
  • Five-grain cereal mix: If you like it particularly healthy and filling, you can use this muesli mixture. It consists of wheat, oat, spelled, yesterday and rye flakes and provides maximum energy for a good start to the day.
A Bircher muesli consists of oat flakes and other grain products as well as fruit with e.g. milk (Photo by: anna-mavritta / Depositphotos)

Of course they are Muesli base mixes as diverse as the ingredients that are used for it.

On the grain basis alone, the following ingredients are usually available:

  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat
  • Spelt
  • barley
  • oats
  • millet
  • linseed
  • Poppy seeds
  • rye
  • soy
  • wheat
  • and many more.

Muesli variations en mass

Dried fruits

Make a classic extension for muesli Dried fruit There are no limits to the imagination at this point, because any fruit that can be dried can be used in muesli.

Pieces of apple and banana, cranberries, blueberries, raisins, and grapes are particularly common to mix fruit muesli together.

Nuts and kernels

Another typical component of muesli are Nuts and kernels. The following are used, for example:

  • Cashew nuts
  • Hazelnut kernels
  • Almonds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Brazil nuts
  • Pecans
  • Walnut kernels

Buying and storing muesli properly

The preparation of muesli should be as easy and quick as possible in the morning. (Photo by: Tinatin1 / Depositphotos)

Muesli can be bought in the supermarket, but attention should be paid to the sugar content of the product.

While with chocolate muesli you may just be prepared for the Sugar content could be relatively high, one quickly forgets this thought with a pure grain mixture. Even these products are often sugared.

It's better to shop on that Health food store to relocate, because here you can get comprehensive advice on the individual ingredients and ingredients. You can also find here biologic products on offer.

How long the muesli is durable depends, of course, on the individual best-before date specified by the manufacturer. Basically, however, the muesli can be stored for several months without it going bad.

The muesli should always be stored if possible dark, dry and with the exclusion of oxygen. This is especially true if the muesli contains nuts. Nuts quickly become rancid if these general conditions are not adhered to.

Prepare muesli - tips

Muesli with nuts, milk and honey is particularly popular in winter. (Photo by: NatashaBreen / Depositphotos)

Due to the high proportion of grain, muesli is of course relatively dry at first. Therefore it is important to provide the muesli with moisture:

  • Depending on your taste, for example Nature- or fruit yoghurt be used.
  • Warm or cold, fresh ones are also suitable milkto stretch the granola.
  • Those who prefer it fruity simply give something orange juice or other fruit juice.

Tip: Are in Muesli oatmeal it should be eaten quickly with milk as it becomes slimy if left moist for too long. They are then usually no longer particularly appetizing.

If you want, you can also have the muesli with you fresh fruits spice it up. Simply cut up an apple or banana quickly in the morning and add it to the muesli. This turns the once dry matter into a delicious and healthy breakfast.

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