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Location-independent digital learning opportunities

Due to the closure of adult education centers for public operations ordered by the federal and state governments, the adult education centers are currently unable to hold face-to-face courses and events. Nevertheless, many vhs would like to continue to fulfill their educational mandate and enable learning. At the same time, the online offers enable the experience of social participation, while public life is currently almost coming to a standstill. With the offers, the adult education centers want to continue to make an exchange and common learning tangible.

vhs dehemm

Under the name "vhs dehemm" you will find digital offers from the 16 Saarland adult education centers. The program includes both individual events and longer series of courses. Some can be started at any time.

vhs. at home

The vhs.daheim series is supported by the Bavarian vhs regional association and is an initiative of the adult education centers in Erding, Straubing and Southeast in the Munich district and the vhs in the north of the Munich district.

Many adult education centers use live streams so that interested people who are not there can follow an event via video. "vhs know live" is one such series of lectures that is streamed live on the Internet. The nine lectures deal with various topics from culture, sport and society.

Participants can register at one of the 130 adult education centers involved. is an initiative of the vhs SüdOst in the district of Munich and the vhs Erding. Adult education centers in Austria and Switzerland as well as educational institutions in Italy and France are also involved. There is also an official partnership with the Max Planck Society.

The vhs Böblingen-Sindelfingen offers a selection of 70 online seminars that can be attended nationwide. The content ranges from foreign languages ​​to handicrafts and IT applications.

online vhs Saxony

The adult education centers in Saxony have joined forces and are now presenting their online courses on a common online platform. - Offers in Schleswig-Holstein

The state association of adult education centers in Schleswig-Holstein has set up a highlight program of lectures and workshops as online streaming and compiles all digital offers from Schleswig-Holstein adult education centers. The program includes social discussions, health, environmental protection, languages ​​and much more. The cooperation partners include the Schleswig-Holstein University Society, the BUND for the Environment and Nature Conservation and the consumer center.

Digital learning opportunities from individual adult education centers

We have summarized the adult education centers for you here that are already increasingly offering webinars in response to the COVID19 break. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, ask the adult education center directly and find out about the online offers. We are only giving an initial overview here to show how many alternatives to face-to-face teaching are available in adult education centers. The online offers are available nationwide.

If your vhs has already changed over and is not yet listed here, please send a message to the Redaktion e-mail addressdvv-vhsde. We will then be happy to add your offer to the list.


  • Evening Academy Mannheim: Over 70 offers on various topics
  • vhs Aalen: Online courses on various topics
  • vhs Baar: Language and relaxation courses
  • vhs Baden-Baden: Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs Badische Bergstrasse: Offers on cooking, writing, work, exercise and photography
  • vhs Bad Mergentheim: Webinars and live streams
  • vhs Balingen: vhs @ home with short videos on various topics
  • vhs Biberach: Online yoga and exercise courses
  • vhs Böblingen-Sindelfingen: Large selection of webinars
  • vhs booking: online lectures and courses, Xpert Business web seminars
  • vhs Burladingen: Webinars on various topics
  • vhs Crailsheim: Xpert business certificates and exercise courses
  • vhs Bretten: Yoga course and magic workshop
  • vhs Geislingen / Steige: Offers on various topics
  • vhs Gerlingen: Webinar on house building and English courses for secondary school
  • Gmünder vhs: digital learning
  • vhs Filderstadt: Digital offers from all departments
  • vhs Freiburg: Webinars on various topics, exercise offers and DaF courses
  • kvhs Freudenstadt: Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs Gaildorf: Webinars, lectures, Xpert Business
  • vhs Hechingen: Online offers from various program areas
  • vhs Heidelberg: constantly new online courses and live streams from all program areas
  • vhs Heilbronn: Offers on various topics
  • vhs Hochschwarzwald: IT webinar, language learning and exercise courses
  • vhs Karlsruhe: Digital Topics and Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs Lahr: Various offers
  • vhs Laupheim: Xpert Business Certificates and other offers
  • Schiller Adult Education Center, Ludwigsburg district: Photoshop
  • vhs Landkreis Rastatt: Online courses and webinars
  • vhs Leinfelden-Echterdingen: Online courses and webinars from all program areas
  • vhs Metzingen: Advisory services, health and IT courses
  • vhs Mittleres Taubertal: Online lectures, courses and seminars
  • vhs Nattheim: Online courses in various program areas
  • vhs Nürtingen: Pilates, Zumba, fitness and lectures
  • vhs Upper Nagoldtal: Language and exercise courses
  • vhs Ortenau: E-learning compact courses
  • vhs Pfullingen: discussion groups, exercise offers and more
  • vhs Reutlingen: Language courses, exercise and relaxation courses, IT training courses and more
  • vhs Rottenburg: Various lectures and webinars, Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs Stuttgart: vhs digital - All offers
  • vhs Südliche Bergstrasse: German language courses
  • vhs Tübingen: Online courses and events
  • vhs Tuttlingen: Online seminars
  • vh Ulm: language courses, fitness offers and other topics
  • vhs Unteres Remstal: Lectures, exercise offers and Xpert business certificates
  • vhs Villingen-Schwenningen: Courses and seminars on various topics
  • vhs Wangen: Offers on IT, health and languages
  • vhs Weil am Rhein: Courses in the areas of "Languages" and "Health"
  • vhs Weingarten: Online courses from various program areas
  • vhs Wertheim: Online courses from various program areas
  • vhs Winnenden: Offers on languages, culture, health and more


  • vhs Adelsdorf: Online, language and health courses
  • vhs Amberg: Excel course in the and vhs.daheim
  • vhs Aschaffenburg: vhs.Daheim and
  • vhs of the district of Ansbach: Online courses
  • vhs Augsburg: Exercise offers, language courses and more
  • vhs Augsburger Land: language courses, photo and exercise offers
  • vhs im Landkreis Cham e.V .: Language learning opportunities for third country nationals (AMIF), exercise courses and more
  • vhs Chiemsee: Live streams of lectures from the "Society" program area
  • vhs Eching: Various offers
  • vhs Eckental: Language and exercise courses
  • vhs Erding: Overview of planned online lectures
  • vhs Erlangen: Language courses and health offers
  • vhs Fürth: Offers on various topics
  • vhs Germering: Exercise offers, online seminars and lectures
  • vhs Gilching: Offers on languages, exercise, lectures and more
  • vhs Haar: Participation in vhs.daheim and vhs-know-live
  • vhs Oberland: German courses, exercise programs and lectures
  • vhs Hofer Land: Xpert Business Webinars and digital offers on various topics
  • vhs Karlstadt: Language courses and exercise offers
  • vhs Kitzingen / Ochsenfurt: Webinars on digital topics
  • vhs Kolbermoor: "Strengthening the active forces" campaign - health videos
  • vhs Moosburg: Webinars and live streams on various topics
  • vhs Munich: Webinars on accounting and business management
  • vhs Nuremberg: Webinars on SAP and Xpert certificates
  • vhs Passau: Xpert Business Webinars
  • vhs Regensburg: EDP courses online
  • vhs Regensburger Land: language courses, sports offers and webinars
  • vhs Schrobenhausen: Webinars
  • vhs Schwabach: Webinars on Islam, mindfulness and
  • vhs Schwarzachtal: Online offers from the areas of language courses, exercise programs and lectures
  • vhs Starnberger See: German courses online
  • vhs Straubing: Offers on various topics and Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs SüdOst in the district of Munich: webinars on consumer topics and language courses online
  • vhs Traunreut: Online lectures and Xpert Business learning network
  • vhs Wasserburg: Webinars and live streams on finance, digitization, etc.
  • vhs Würzburg: Webinars on professional topics and Xpert Business Certificates
  • vhs Zweckverband Kommunale Bildung: Webinars on various topics






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