Allows an implosion grenade

Year 965 AD

Mankind is threatened by the frost giants from the Jotunheim ice world, who intend to bring about a new ice age on earth. The sir ruled by Odin, the father of the gods, stand in their way and defeat them in a great battle. Odin agrees a truce with Laufey, the king of the frost giants, and takes the urn, the source of his power, from him. Returning to the gods of Asgard, he explains to his young sons, Thor and Loki, that a true king should never seek battle, but must always be prepared for it.

Centuries later, the now grown-up Thor is to be crowned as the firstborn king and successor of Odin, but the ceremony is interrupted when three frost giants break into the armory and try to take control of the urn. They are killed by the Destroyer (German: "Vernichter"), the guardian of the chamber, but Thor seeks revenge, whereupon Odin rebukes him. On the advice of his brother Loki, Thor disregards his father's instructions and, together with Loki and his friends Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and Sif, crosses the rainbow bridge Bifröst to Jotunheim to find out how the ice giants managed to do it, unnoticed by Heimdall, the guardian the bridge to get to Asgard. A fight breaks out in Jotunheim when Laufey says there are traitors in Asgard. Only the intervention of Odin saves Thor and his companions from the overwhelming power of the ice giants.

As Laufey rejects another armistice and Odin threatens war, the latter returns to Asgard with his sons and their friends. There it comes to a dispute between Thor and Odin. In order to give his impulsive son a lesson in humility, Odin banishes Thor to earth, takes his strength away and casts a spell on his hammer Mjolnir. The hammer also lands on earth and is there enclosed in stone, from which it can only be freed by someone who proves to be "worthy".

Meanwhile on Earth, astrophysicist Jane Foster, her assistant Darcy Lewis and her mentor, Dr. Erik Selvig, in the New Mexico desert, weather phenomena that Jane believes are related to her research. Suddenly a hurricane appears in front of them, and while they are still trying to avoid it, Thor, who has just landed on earth, runs in front of their car. When he asks them to find out where he is, Darcy stuns him with a taser. Thor wakes up in a hospital in the small town of Puente Antiguo and immediately attacks the nurses. Although he still has enormous physical strength, he can eventually be overpowered by several guards. After he finally managed to escape from the hospital, Thor is hit again by Jane Foster, who is currently looking for him. Foster hopes Thor will provide information about the origin of the cyclone.

In the meantime, a pickup driver discovers the hammer in the desert. Since he was unable to pull it out of the stone, numerous onlookers soon found themselves at the site and took turns trying their luck until Phil Coulson, an agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D., arrives there and has the site secured.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Thor's companions discuss the fate of their friend. Hogun suspects Loki may have secretly given the Frost Giants access to Asgard. Loki, who survived the touch of a frost giant in Jotunheim unscathed, which leads him to the assumption that he could descend from the frost giants himself, is confirmed by Odin in his suspicion: in truth he is the son of Laufey, whom Odin once followed had found the victory over the frost giants suspended, whereupon he took care of him. When Loki accuses Odin of not loving him, Odin falls asleep from the strain. Loki then ascends the throne and refuses to his friends to undo Thor's banishment.

Thor learns that the hammer has been found and sets off into the desert. Jane Foster, whose research papers were published by S.H.I.E.L.D. were confiscated accompanies him. Thor gains access to the meanwhile from S.H.I.E.L.D. cordoned off site, but must realize that he too is unable to free the hammer from the stone. Thereupon he is unopposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. taken into custody and interrogated. Loki pays him a visit and claims that Odin has died and that the mother would forbid Thor's return so that Thor no longer sees any reason to return to Asgard. Then Loki goes to Jotunheim and makes Laufey the offer to give him the opportunity to kill Odin and to get the urn back into his possession in order not to ascend to the throne as the murderer of his predecessor, but withholds the fact that he is Laufey's son is.

In the meantime, Foster and Selvig managed to use a trick to get Thor out of the power of S.H.I.E.L.D. to free. After a night of partying with Selvig, Thor is greeted by his friends Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg and Sif, who have convinced Heimdall to allow them to travel to Earth. However, Loki noticed this, freezes Heimdall with the help of the urn and sends the Destroyer to earth with the order to kill Thor. After easily overpowering the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Thor's friends stand in the way of the Destroyer while Thor and Jane Foster try to get the residents of Puente Antiguo to safety. Finally, he faces the Destroyer personally and offers his brother his own life so that in return he spares people. Thereupon the Destroyer strikes down Thor and kills him, but through his selfless sacrifice Thor has proven himself worthy, so that the hammer frees itself from the stone, lands in Thor's hand and brings him back to life. Now at full strength again, Thor defeats the Destroyer without much effort.

After a short talk with Agent Coulson, Thor says goodbye to Jane Foster and goes back to Asgard with his friends thanks to the help of Heimdall, who was able to free himself in the meantime. Loki has meanwhile brought Laufey and some of his warriors to Asgard, but kills his biological father before he can murder Odin. In fact, Loki intends to kill all Frost Giants in order to erase the memory of his origins once and for all and to prove himself a worthy successor to Odin. For this purpose he wants to destroy Jotunheim with the help of the Bifröst bridge, but Thor stands in his way and finally destroys the bridge. The awakened Odin saves his sons from falling into the abyss under the bridge, but Loki, who realizes that his father does not approve of his deeds, throws himself into the depths.

Thousands of years later, Thor fights his way from battlefield to battlefield in the Nine Worlds to bring the chaos that his adoptive brother Loki has started with his attack on Earth back under control. However, his heart still rests with his earthly lover, Jane Foster, and he has become a little fickle in his decision to succeed his father on the throne. Loki, on the other hand, was sentenced to perpetual imprisonment in Asgard's dungeon after his capture on Earth. While Loki is still guided by the jealousy and revenge on Thor and Odin, only his adoptive mother Frigga, who is still fond of him, keeps the hope high that he will get better after all.

Meanwhile on Earth, after two years of waiting in vain for Thor, Jane Foster tries to get on with her life. Darcy Lewis, her former intern and now full-time assistant, however, draws her attention to a strange phenomenon - caused by an impending new convergence of the Nine Worlds - in an abandoned factory in central London, through which objects suddenly teleported away in certain places and the laws of nature on the Be turned upside down. When Jane wanders through the building alone, she is drawn into the hiding place of the ether through a portal that suddenly opens in front of her and accidentally absorbs this power. When the Asgardian guard Heimdall notices her disappearing from Earth, Thor immediately travels to Earth via the Bifröst, where he witnesses how Jane, who has since returned, accidentally uses the power of to arrest some police officers who want to arrest her for trespassing on the factory Fends off ether. In order to protect her and to track down the phenomenon, he takes Jane with him to Asgard. Only there Odin, who is not delighted by Jane's presence, can provide information about the nature and origin of the ether.

Through the liberation of the ether, the dark elves are awakened from their deep sleep. Malekith smuggles his deputy Algrim as a Kursed, an elite warrior of the Dark Elves, into the dungeon of Asgard in order to sabotage the defenses of the Golden Empire from within, while Malekith and his people attack the royal castle with their invisible ship to get Jane . The surprise succeeds, and Malekith penetrates into Frigga's chamber, which has been given the task of protecting Jane. When Frigga refuses to surrender Jane and the Aether, she is murdered by Algrim; Thor arrives too late and can just half burn Malekith's face with his lightning before the dark elves can escape.

Blinded by the pain of the loss of his wife, Odin puts Jane under arrest and wants to bring Malekith over to fight him one last duel. Thor, who can see the hopelessness and the possible sacrifices of this plan more clearly, comes up with the plan to get Jane away from Asgard, to shift the fight with it to neutral terrain and at the moment when Malekith wants to get the ether from Jane, the ominous substance to destroy. Since Odin has forbidden the use of the Bifröst, Thor is forced to free Loki from his prison because he is the only one who knows some hidden paths that connect the Nine Worlds. With the help of his loyal friends Sif, Fandral and Volstagg, he carries out his project and secures Loki's support by appealing to his relationship with Frigga. Together they set a trap for Malekith, but the ether turns out to be more resilient than expected, and Malekith can absorb its substance and power. When Thor and Loki make one last attempt to stop him, Loki is fatally injured by Algrim before killing him with one of his own implosion grenades. When Thor and Jane seek refuge from a sandstorm in a cave, they accidentally find a portal that brings them back to London.

In the meantime, however, Darcy and her own intern, Ian, have found out that their mentor, Erik Selvig, has apparently gone mad after being mentally enslaved by Loki and was sent to a madhouse after a spectacular performance in Stonehenge. In reality, through his mental connection with Loki, Selvig was informed of the impending convergence and has hurriedly constructed devices to detect and combat the effects of the convergence. After Darcy and Ian can free Selvig from official custody, Thor and Jane join them again, and together they find the place where Malekith has to stay in order to perceive all Nine Worlds simultaneously with darkness by means of the convergence and the power of the ether to cover. At the destination, in the University of Greenwich, Thor faces the ruler of the dark elves to fight, which is made more difficult by the approaching zenith of convergence, which completely randomly creates further gates between the nine worlds and makes them disappear. In the end, after a tough battle, Thor manages to fatally wound Malekith with Selvig's constructions and to drive him into his spaceship, which is then transferred back to Svartalfheim and collapses there.

After his experiences Thor returns briefly to Asgard, where he tells Odin that he can only fulfill his tasks of protecting the Nine Worlds as a warrior and not as a king, and thus renounces the throne. He then returns to earth and to Jane, not knowing that Loki has again only faked his death and in the meantime has taken the place of his adoptive father.
But what happened first of all?
What happened during the time of the war?
How was the time when the two were younger?
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