How is the Capgemini NET domain

The Altran Multi-Domain Service Orchestrator

The introduction of 5G and IoT services will result in tremendous business growth for communication providers through B2B engagements. However, network connectivity can be used for many other services that go beyond traditional voice and massive broadband connections, such as networked vehicles, public safety monitoring, augmented reality or remote medical interventions. However, this would be an on-demand network capacity provisioning with guaranteed latency and resilience depending on how critical the services and apps are.

Today, telco providers are working on the SDN / NFV architecture to achieve network automation and maximize the use of network resources. However, most of today's SDN / NFV activities are domain specific - they deal with scale-in, scale-out of traffic in a given domain (mostly in the core network), and more often within the specific data center.

Few vendors have successfully implemented core network automation using a Network Services Descriptor over an orchestrator. This radio cloud is still in the early implementation phase. Now is the time to do that Service level orchestration to address across multiple domains.

This paper explains how Altran supports telco providers and network equipment suppliers in implementing a service orchestrator over the network.

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