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Corporate Design? 5 questions and 5 answers

What exactly is corporate design (CD)? What does it include and what do small business owners need to consider when creating? What do the self-employed and start-ups need at the beginning?

bexio customer and brand architect Thomas Wickart explains what small businesses and self-employed people need when it comes to corporate design.

What does corporate design actually mean?

The corporate design defines the external appearance of a company. This includes the company logo.

What does a corporate design consist of?

The company logo is an important point, but not the only part of the corporate design. Business cards or the website are also included, but also, for example, the lettering on the building or the give-aways.

Why is corporate design necessary?

For small businesses and the self-employed - but especially for start-ups - a professional and uniform appearance is important. It conveys credibility and creates trust with customers and thus leaves a positive first impression. In addition, a consistently used corporate design generates a recognition effect.

I am new to self-employment - what do I need at the beginning?

At the beginning, start with the following three points:

  • logo
  • website
  • Business Cards

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What do I have to consider when creating my corporate design?

Create a short manual on corporate design right from the start. In it you define the following basic elements:

  • logo
  • Structure of the website
  • Business stationery such as business cards, envelopes, letterheads
  • font
  • Colors and shapes
  • images

It is important that the defined corporate design elements are implemented and used consistently. This is the only way to achieve the desired recognition effect for your brand. It also helps to start with little at the beginning and then continuously expand the corporate design. This way there is no mess.

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