What is United Way

What is United Way doing?

United Way Worldwide is an international organization that is the main office of the organization. UWW's marketing activities may be vague as each local office operates independently.

Our United Way funds agencies in the fields of health, education and income. We also work with other agencies to provide professional researchers who collect local data to be published for local nonprofits. In this way, they can accurately describe the reasons for using their services. Statistics and needs need to be compiled so that donors can provide grants to organizations for their work. This research is too expensive for many nonprofits and we support it financially. We also participate in local initiatives where many organizations work together to tackle big problems that no nonprofit can solve on its own. An example of this is The Health Collaborative, an informal group of 57 organizations and 110 members who advocate access to health care, access to healthy food and the creation of an active, built environment that is free for residents. This is just one of four initiatives we are part of. We also provide low-cost office space to small non-profit organizations with shared resources. We act as a tax broker for groups that are not official, so the correct distribution of the money alone would be very costly. We offer free meeting rooms with access to high quality technology for presentations to nonprofits in the area. There is also a day of action where we recruit volunteers to meet a need in the community and do the work physically. An example of this is helping elderly citizens tidy up their courtyards and painting porches to prepare for winter.

We don't program at all, we use all of our donations to invest in the community. I hope this helps clarify some of what we do. Don't think that all United Way employees make a lot of money. In some cases this may be true, but it is definitely not the case in our region. We do this because we love to help people and try to take the pressure off small nonprofits that don't have enough staff to raise funds and fulfill their mission.

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