What was the first deal

Discounts, concerts and ginger juice So was the first “Shop Local Day” in Lucerne

"The day of shopping diversity" is what the initiators call the campaign on their website. Around forty shops in the city of Lucerne have registered for the “Shop Local Day” and courted visitors with small and large tokens. Zentralplus looked around a little while taking a walk.


“Fein.fair” has moved into the relatively new building complex on Himmelrich. According to the website, you can “buy sustainably traded, high-quality and organic food from the region” here. However, the chocolate bun that I buy is not particularly sustainable. It doesn't survive two minutes. For this - and that is the specialty of “fein.fair” on this special day - a ginger juice tasting has been set up in the back of the restaurant.

It is operated by the “fée d’or” company in the canton of Vaud. I am invited to sample my way through the different varieties (mango-turmeric, lemon-honey and hibiscus-cinnamon). I usually only get ginger with sushi, but the shots don't taste bad, one of them is really good. With the ginger vinegar I'll fit in, it's too hardcore for me. As a small thank you to say goodbye, there is a brochure and a bag of chai tea.

"Hirschmatt bookstore"

The bookstore on Hirschmattstrasse came to me as a passionate bookworm. This came up with two actions: In front of the shop, several tables with books were set up, which were offered at half price. More exciting, however, was the dice discount. On every purchase you could roll yourself a percentage with two foam cubes - a maximum of 12 percent. And because there is an unwritten law that says you can't leave a bookstore without a book, I grabbed the novel for a Netflix series that I haven't seen (and maybe never will).

A mother and child are standing at the cash register. "You can," she says to her daughter and hands her the dice. The little girl rolls a three percent discount and is thievingly happy - presumably because she hasn't had percentage calculations at school yet. I myself dare to try the foam cubes a little later. Memories of the time in kindergarten come back when people were still pounding things on each other's heads. I don't hope for much success - I'm about as lucky as the hair on my head. Still: I'll get 10 percent out. Satisfied with my purchase, I move on and out of sheer happiness I forget to take a photo of the dice.

"Old Town Record Store"

My last stop takes us to the Old Town Record Store in the old town. According to the website, a concert by the Swiss musician Marc Rudin is to take place here. In fact, I can already hear the guitar sounds of the singer-songwriter in the doorway. Owner Adrian Seeberger greets me in the shop. I look around. Cookies, chips and pretzel sticks are offered on a makeshift table between the shelves. A dog sits next to it and listens to the music.

The table also serves as a barrier. Due to the corona, distance must be maintained here. Rudin himself sits several meters away at the other end of the shop and passionately plays his pieces. Unfortunately, a large audience did not appear. "The weather is probably too nice," says Seeberger and shrugs his shoulders. The “Shop Local Day” has generally not attracted a lot of visitors to his record shop, but he still thinks the idea is great.

Repetition is fixed

Of course, I couldn't look around in any of the stores. Time (and my wallet) would not have allowed that. The program on offer would have definitely been worth a visit or two. Other shops offered competitions, discounts, giveaways and campaigns such as tinkering buttons, guided tours or lectures.

The Shop Local Day took place in Lucerne for the first time this year - also as a support for the industry shaken by the corona crisis. The event was held in cooperation with the Findeling shopping platform and the Hirschmatt-Neustadt district association. The idea seems to have arrived. Shops can register for next year on the campaign's official website. Even without Corona.

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