What are Facebook's new Instagram threads

Facebook introduces Instagram messenger threads

Facebook is launching a new messenger app. Under the name "Threads from Instagram", users should be able to exchange ideas in the future - in a private setting. As usual, the focus is on photos, videos, stories and the status. The publication has already started worldwide.

Threads are intended to facilitate communication between "close friends", according to an Instagram blog post. Such a friend list has been able to be created in the photo app since last year. It is either adopted for threads or rearranged directly in the standalone app. If you open the app, the camera switches on directly.

With just two steps you can share what you are currently doing. There are also status messages if you don't have the time to post a photo or communicate. In auto mode, Threads automatically tells you where you are at the moment - "without passing on the coordinates" or that the battery will soon be empty. Everything in the app is opt-in.

Privacy and protection from bullying

Facebook emphasizes that thread privacy is paramount, citing the close friends that need to be added manually. Message requests cannot be made in the app. The company does not save any information, for example from the auto mode, accordingly there is no advertising based on it, which will continue to be played according to the information from Facebook and Instagram.

As in the other Facebook apps, messages can be deleted, blocked, and reported. At the same time, Instagram is introducing a new function to protect against bullying. "Restrict" makes users' comments by certain people invisible - only the commenter himself sees them, he is not informed about the blocking. Direct messages from this person end up in the folder for inquiries, nor does it receive any information as to whether the message has been read or the person contacted was online. Young people in particular should have better control over their accounts. If they block other users in such a way that they notice it, this in turn often has unpleasant consequences.

Also in order to protect young people in particular, Facebook wants to test the concealment of the number of likes. First of all, this will happen in Australia. This is intended to reduce social pressure. Instagram is already hiding the number of likes in some countries.

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