What are some good sugar-free candies

Sugar-free candies:
a possible alternative for diabetes

What could be nicer than occasionally indulging in something to snack on? But candies are high in sucrose and glucose syrup. Since they pose a great risk of hyperglycemia, they are forbidden for diabetics. However, there are also sugar-free candies so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Diabetes and Sugar: A Dangerous Cocktail

A chronic disease that is constantly evolving

Diabetes is characterized by excess glucose in the blood. If the fasting blood sugar is equal to or higher than 1.26 g / L or more than 2 g / L twice at any time of the day, the disease is reported. Insulin therapy should then begin and a new diet introduced.

Diabetes directly affects the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, nervous system, and eyesight. Treatment must therefore be very precise in order to avoid these consequences. The blood sugar level must be measured daily with a specific device. In this context, the carbohydrate intake must also be monitored.

Several million people in France have diabetes. However, medical professionals estimate that several hundred thousand patients are still unaware of their pathology. There is no cure for this disease, but insulin therapy can limit the amount of sugar in the blood.

Differentiate between sugars and carbohydrates

Natural sugar is banned from diets for diabetics, so carbohydrates must always be part of their diet; This intake accounts for 50% of the meals consumed. People with diabetes need to be careful about getting the right carbohydrates in their diet.

A distinction is made between complex carbohydrates and slow sugars and simple carbohydrates and fast sugars. The role of complex carbohydrates is to provide necessary energy throughout the day. Fast sugars, on the other hand, simply provide a one-time boost of energy.

Above all, diabetics need to avoid quick sugars that are high in fructose or sucrose. When choosing foods, you can refer to their glycemic index and thus decide on the right foods.

Glycemic index in food
This value was set in order to be able to select foods according to their consequences for the rise in blood sugar levels. Glucose has the highest value at 100. Honey has a glycemic index of 62 while the value of apple is only 38.

The principle of the glycemic index makes it possible to focus only on the good carbohydrates. It is very useful for diabetics who have to follow a specific diet plan. One of the interesting options is that diabetics can turn to vegetables in particular, all of which have a glycemic index lower than 15.

Grain products must be selected with care. A diabetic should choose brown rice, wheat, whole wheat pasta and bread. With a glycemic index of less than 50, they still provide the energy necessary for the organism to function properly.

Replace sugar with useful ingredients

Low calorie sweeteners

Definition: low-calorie sweeteners are carbohydrates that are obtained from plants or through the hydrogenation of sugar. They have the same sweetening power as sugar, but not the same health effects. These sweeteners are less caloric and can be consumed by anyone looking to maintain their weight.

However, low-calorie sweeteners can have an impact on the health of diabetics. Mannitol, sorbitol or isomalt should therefore be avoided, even if they contain less sugar than sucrose. Consumption causes the sugar level to rise too quickly. People with this chronic disease are therefore advised to use intense sweeteners.

Intensive sweeteners with real sweetness

These sweeteners are obtained through chemical processes and do not necessarily contain carbohydrate or vegetable elements. They are considered intense because their sweetening power is on average 15,000 times stronger than sugar.

With intense sweeteners, diabetics benefit from a sweet taste without raising blood sugar levels. Aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin or sucralose are interesting alternatives to sugar. Since their glycemic index is 0, they are perfect for diabetics and can be enjoyed with no health risk.

Focus on stevia, a natural solution

The sweetening power of the stevia plant is 300 times higher than sugar and can therefore effectively replace it. With a glycemic index of 0, it is an ideal solution for diabetics.

There are also sweets made from stevia. They, too, are among those sweets that can be enjoyed all day long. This natural alternative, with which you don't have to go without sweets, will surely make many people with a sweet tooth happy.

A sugar-free candy, good news for diabetics

Sweets with sweeteners

Some brands specialize in making sugar-free candies so that diabetics can indulge themselves without putting themselves at risk. This is particularly the case with Halter, whose products are sweetened with acesulfame. By choosing this sweetener, the products can be consumed by diabetics.

The French's favorite sweets are now also available in a sugar-free version. From Arlequin sweets to sour fruit sweets, the manufacturers offer a universe full of possibilities. Delicious Vichy lozenges, licorice gums and menthol candies are now made with sweeteners.

Original flavors for candies without sugar

The manufacturers of sweets of this type have managed not only to effectively replace sugar, but also to offer interesting flavors. Diabetics can thus discover star anise, cola or caramel.

This little treat can therefore be eaten every day. A coffee-flavored lozenge makes the morning even more pleasant. Aromas of pine sap and marshmallows are synonyms for real enjoyment. Thanks to the sweeteners used in them, diabetics can now consume them on a daily basis.

Risk-free pleasure for diabetics

Thanks to the sugar alternative chosen for each of these candies, diabetics can consume them at will. However, their calorie content should not be ignored.

While these candies don't necessarily raise blood sugar, they can throw a diet off balance. Sugar-free sweets should therefore be consumed sparingly. Above all, it is an occasional pleasure that is now available to all. Diabetics or people who pay attention to their line can fall back on them - provided the consumption is reasonable - without feeling guilty.

Our selection of sugar-free candies

In order to be able to eat candy without dangerously raising their blood sugar level, diabetics have access to sugar-free products. Thanks to carefully selected sweeteners, these products do not pose any health risks.

The top three things to remember about sugar-free hard candy:

  • They have a low glycemic index;
  • They are formulated with sweeteners;
  • You are risk free for diabetics.
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