How much longer does Medicare last

MediCare uses the International Men's Day as an opportunity to thank all male colleagues for their great work! But also for the fact that they have decided on this women's domain and thus ensure variety in the facilities.

Because the nursing profession is still a woman-dominated profession today. Only around 16% of skilled nurses are men, and the trend is slowly increasing. But their presence in the MediCare senior residences is extremely important, especially when looking after male residents, because: “In some situations, our men need caring men‘ who they perceive as men and give space to male interests and forms of expression. There may also be a desire for same-sex care, ”explains the management. None of this is possible without the male colleagues.

Is the high proportion of women really due to the fact that the cliché of the naturally caring woman persists in society? MediCare has many colleagues in its ranks who show that men can also be a figurehead for care:

Jonas Schlindwein, for example, already knew at school that he wanted to become a geriatric nurse. After the apprenticeship, he continued with further training, an opportunity that the management is happy to give him because of his excellent performance. After all, not only are Jonas Schlindwein's colleagues enthusiastic, the residents also always ask about him.

“We hope that even more men will opt for care in the future. Their share is increasing, but there is still room for improvement. The corona pandemic in particular shows the advantages of the job, take the chance, ”said the management.