Trump's attorney is in trouble now

US investigators search the home and office of ex-President Donald Trump's former attorney, Rudy Giuliani. According to a lawyer, Giuliani could be in real trouble.

+++ 3 p.m .: Rudy Giuliani is now getting support from his former employer: Donald Trump has described the search of the apartment and office of his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani as "very unfair". "Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot," said Donald Trump on Fox News. "He just loves this country and they raid his apartment." Donald Trump continued: "It's so unfair." It is a double standard that has never been seen before.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach Prosecutor Dave Aronberg confirms on MSNBC that Rudy Giuliani is probably in big trouble: "I think yesterday was a bad day for Rudy because federal prosecutors can't get a search warrant based on a suspicion," he said Channel. "You can't get a search warrant based on a fishing trip."

Lawyer on the raid: "Bad day for Rudy Giuliani"

A federal judge must be convinced that there is a likely reason that a crime occurred and that the items they are looking for would likely contain evidence of that crime.

The fact that Rudy Giuliani is a lawyer also contributes to his assessment. "Judges don't give search warrants so easily when it comes to lawyers and their homes and offices because, quite frankly, judges are lawyers themselves," added Aronberg. That shows the level of evidence the federal prosecutor must have against Giuliani. Giuliani also has no one left in the White House to protect him. Aronberg commented on whether the former mayor of New York could even expect an arrest: "It is more likely that the handcuffs will come for Rudy than they will not."

Raid on Rudy Giuliani: focus on connections to Russia

+++ 9.45 a.m .: Together with contacts such as the Russian spy Andriy Derkach, Rudy Giuliani is said to have tried to forge documents in the run-up to the US election in order to harm Joe Biden during the election campaign. These liaisons apparently include Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. The two agents are said to have been hired by Donald Trump's former lawyer to stir up dirt against Biden in Ukraine.

For Rudy Giuliani, who, according to the US secret services, has repeatedly disregarded warnings and conspired with Russian activists against his better knowledge, things now threaten to get uncomfortable. Although he continues to vehemently deny any wrongdoing, both Parnas and Fruman could incriminate him seriously. An indictment is already pending against both of them in the USA. According to the "Daily Beast", their lawyers are already in talks with the investigative authorities. Content of these conversations: reliable information about Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani: apartment and office of the ex-Trump lawyer searched - son finds action "disgusting"

Update from April 29th, 2021, 8:15 a.m .: Giuliani's son Andrew condemned the raids on his father as "disgusting" and accused the US Department of Justice of pursuing a political agenda by authorizing the searches. "Everyone, every American, regardless of whether they are red or blue, should be disturbed by what has happened here today, by the ongoing politicization of the Justice Department," he told journalists.

Red and blue are the colors of the two major US parties, the Republican and Democratic parties. “If this can happen to a former president's attorney, it can happen to any American. Enough is enough, ”he added.

Rudy Giuliani: The apartment and office of the ex-Trump attorney searched

First report: New York - US investigators ransacked Rudy Giuliani's apartment. It should be about the Ukraine activities of the 76-year-old ex-lawyer of Donald Trump, reported on Wednesday, among other things, the New York Times and the news channel CNN, citing informed circles.

Accordingly, electronic devices of the former New York mayor were also confiscated, which is very rare for lawyers. According to the New York Times, the New York State Attorney's Office and the FBI are investigating whether Giuliani was doing illegal lobbying for Ukrainian officials and oligarchs in Washington in 2019.

At the same time, the Trump attorney was looking for incriminating material against the Democrat Joe Biden's son, Hunter, in Ukraine.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani: bizarre appearances and unproven election fraud allegations

Giuliani had played an important role in the Ukraine affair that led to Trump's first impeachment in 2019. Trump had urged the Ukrainian head of state Volodymyr Selenskyj to campaign for help against his future challenger Biden.

Giuliani, Trump's private attorney since April 2018, was one of the US President's middlemen and traveled to Ukraine. Following Trump's electoral defeat, Giuliani led the elected president's efforts to challenge the outcome of the US election.

Giuliani, who was highly regarded in his time as New York City Mayor, repeatedly caused a stir with bizarre appearances and unproven election fraud allegations. A voting machine manufacturer sued the lawyer for 1.3 billion dollars (almost 1.1 billion euros) in damages for defamation. (luw / afp)

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