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The Curiocity Backpacker Hostel in Johannesburg Maboneng

We started our first tour of South Africa together in Johannesburg. During this time we stayed at the Curiocity Hostel in Maboneng. What a stroke of luck. We finally ended up in a really cool hostel. The many good reviews and recommendations "paid off" - we haven't regretted a minute at the Curiocity Hostel. For this reason we dedicate an extra contribution to the hostel. And no! We weren't paid for this post, we just want to share this great place with you and give other travelers an insight.

The Curiocity Hostel in Johannesburg

The Curiocity Hostel is located in cool Maboneng district (302 Fox Street). It is a 30-minute drive from the airport. We recommend taking a taxi or UBER. If you want to go out on your own, it gets a bit tricky. First you take the Gautrain to the parking station and then you have to look for a taxi there. It's really more relaxed when you take a taxi straight from the airport.

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There are a lot of young people walking around here in Maboneng, both globetrotters and South Africans. The area is quite hip and trendy - things are slowly happening in Johannesburg. Nevertheless, we never wandered the streets in the evening - somehow we always had a bad feeling. But of course everyone can decide for themselves.

Maboneng is on the rise and so we often had the feeling that we were standing in some New York backyard. Somehow the street could be easy going in New York. Right down the street, first street on the right, you will find a small mini market where you can buy the most important things. If you want a little more, get a taxi and drive to Pick and Pay. You can get everything here - it's also a huge supermarket. The prices are really solid, a little cheaper than in Germany, we would say.

Curiocity Hostel - Cool people & cool vibe

Here at the Curiocity you can meet a lot of young globetrotters. Most of them start in Johannesburg and then continue towards Kruger Park or the coast. Others start from the other direction - they come from Cape Town. But no matter where the people come from, it really makes you want to talk to them. Again and again we were able to exchange things and learn new tips. We also met people at this hostel again later on the road trip.

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The Curiocity Hostel is super cool and a really nice place to relax from it all. The bar also has really cheap drinks. Whether beer, soft drinks or milk coffee - almost everything costs less than 2 euros. In the evening you can play a game of pool here for 2 rand (13 cents per session). We often sat down here to work or just hang out. The wifi is really solid, if there is not so much going on in the hostel, then you can work well with 10 Mbit. But even when the place was full, we could work well on the laptop.

Upstairs is a really well equipped kitchen that brings everything you need to cook. You can also store your groceries there in the refrigerator. Up here there are also dorm rooms and shared bathrooms. The other rooms are downstairs by the bar in the back yard. Very quiet there - unless the party people don't get to bed until around 3 a.m. But put in your earplugs, put on your sleeping mask and the relaxed night can start.

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Marco's favorite place in the Curiocity Hostel

Once through the door of the kitchen and you're on the really cool terrace with a view of the street. Opposite is a club and also a delicious restaurant. But it was never really loud and annoying. At the back of the terrace is a super chilled armchair in which you can relax and read a book. That was Marco's favorite place here at the Curiocity.

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In the hostel itself you can book private rooms or multi-bed rooms (dorms). We stayed in two different dorms for the 5 nights. These were clean and the beds were really comfortable with thick blankets and pillows. We particularly liked the B1 room (6-person dorm), as our beds were a bit more hidden behind a wall. So we still had some privacy. A 6 dorm is even more relaxed than an 8 dorm.

There is also a small whirlpool in the back yard of the Curiocity. Unfortunately, we never used it because it was just "freezing cold". The private double rooms are also located here by the “pool”. These also make a really great impression. The shared bathrooms were also in really good shape. Every morning all rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen are cleaned here in the hostel anyway. What we particularly liked were the many small decorative details.

The people from the hostel are really fresh, friendly and helpful. No matter what question you had, we were always helped here. We also did the Soweto tour through the hostel. We can only recommend this to everyone - it was really educational and mega interesting. And remember: The Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein starts every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It's best to take UBER or a taxi (15 minutes). There should always be a cool market in Maboneng on Sundays - check it out!

The prices at the Curiocity Johannesburg

Double rooms are available from ZAR 470 (€ 30 per room) and dorms from ZAR 190 (€ 12 per person). We are not really the hostel lovers, but here at Curiocity we thought it was really awesome. Smaller dorms cost a little more. A 4-person dorm is available from ZAR 215 (14 euros). You can also book additional services directly via the page, such as the airport transfer (300 ZAR) or a pick-up service from the park station (80 ZAR). For our South Africa tour we stayed atCuriocity Hostel in Johannesburg Maboneng the perfect start.

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