Should I buy Instagram followers and likes

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I read it again and again: Buy 1,000 subscribers for 10 euros, buy 100 "real" subscribers for 5 euros, buy likes, ...

In all honesty: don't do that. Really not!

In this post, I'll explain to you why buying followers and likes is one absolute no-go and how you can damage your account in the long term.

Is it a myth that you can buy followers on Instagram?

Unfortunately, no! If you can't believe it, just give it up Google or in Ebay a. But let yourself just don't be tempted lead to buy! I'll explain to you in a moment why the one very very bad idea would.

Why do you buy Instagram followers?

Good question! 😀 The disadvantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages hope for many of them one Shortcut to Instagram success. Success on Instagram is not measured by the number of followers, but much more by your interaction rates, the commitment of your community and the trust your followers have in you and your business.

4 reasons why you shouldn't buy Instagram followers and likes

Reason 1: Your interaction rates are dropping.

If you buy 10,000 followers, you will have a ton of subscribers, but be aware that they will never interact with your content. It is either not even around real people or about people who completely different interests and don't want to deal with your account.

Particularly annoying: The worse your interaction rates, the worse you will be played out by the algorithm. In the long term, you will ruin your entire range!

Reason 2: The subscribers you bought do not match your target group.

When you buy followers, you usually get subscribers who speak a different language, live on the other side of the world and have completely different interests than those you represent with your company. The bottom line is that you will never be able to increase your sales through them.

Reason 3: It is very easy to understand from the outside that you have bought followers.

There are many Analysis toolswith which you can get the Follower development of other accounts can view. Follower purchases are particularly easy to recognize here: Instead of a curve that slowly increases, several thousand followers suddenly appear in one day. Not exactly professional ...

Reason 4: Followers are not everything!

Urgently get rid of the thought that followers are the most important thing. I can tell you one thing: For example, if you want to sell your products on Instagram, it is much more importantthat you have one good connection to your community instead of it being huge. So it also applies here: Quality before quantity!

How you can increase your Instagram followers organically, fairly and in an entrepreneurially smart way, I'll tell you here!

In the long term, you will only gain with real added value

You notice: One loyal community with a high potential for interaction worth much more than a large number of followers. In order to gain the trust of your community in you, you have to have it regularly convincing content offer that real added value contains!

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Is it harmful to my reach to buy followers?

Definitely yes! Purchased followers don't generate meaningful interactions - so your percentage interaction rate drops. The result: Your contributions are shown less often.

Why buy Instagram followers?

Many people buy followers so that their number of followers and thus their reputation on social media is higher. I strongly advise against it because it destroys your reach and makes you untrustworthy.

Can you buy real followers?

Followers that you can buy are either bots or fake profiles, so keep your hands off them.

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