What is Thinspo

Thinspiration - what is it?

Thinspiration - what is it?

First there was Thinspo, now people are talking about Thinspiration. Thinspiration - that's when you get inspiration to be thin. Now plus-size model Robyn Lawley spoke up. She denounced the prevalent anorexia after a picture of her was uploaded to a pro-thigh-gap Facebook page. In the picture you can see Robyn in underwear and her thighs are not touching (thigh gap). The users didn't like the sight of the plus-size model at all. Robyn Lawley has been dubbed a "pig" and too vigorous for the pro-thigh-gap fan site. You can find out more about this and about Thinspiration here.

What is thigh gap?

There is a page on Facebook where you can, as avowed fan of non-touching thighs View and upload images of models with this feature. In English this space between the thighs is called "thigh gap"called. Also Plus-size model Robyn Lawley has such a thigh gap and that is exactly what has now become her undoing.

A picture of Robyn has been uploaded to the thigh-gap fan page, showing that she bends forward a little and the gap between her thighs is clearly visible. But it seems as if curvy women don't like the thigh gap and are rather unsuitable for so-called thinspiration.

Lean: Top models Hanne Gaby Odiele and Hollie-May Saker definitely have a so-called thigh gap and thus serve as thinspiration for young girls.

Thigh gap as thinspiration

Robyn Lawley was abused under the published picture by the thigh-gap fan base in the worst possible way. She got "pig"called and titled as much too strong. That left that Plus-size modelhowever, don't sit on yourself like this.

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900 comments later she spoke up: "You sit behind the computer and see my body as an object, judge it and insult it as if you knew it"wrote Robyn Lawley angry in response. She also made it clear that having a thigh gap was undesirable for her because she wanted to train her thighs even more so that she could run and swim longer.

The last thing she would wish for her daughter would be that she would starve for a thigh gap in order to feel more attractive. And finally, she added the following sentence: " I think we all want different things, but women already have enough other pressures to strive for a thigh gap as well." Well said Robyn.

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