What are some subjects in class XII

Dear students,

in the 12th grade of the FOS and BOS There are also compulsory elective subjects in addition to the fixed compulsory subjects.
At our schools you can choose from a wide range of subjects, depending on the type of school and the type of training.
You can find more information under the relevant subjects.

If you attend the FOS, you take two subjects, students of the BOS take one subject.


The choice takes place via the online tool Webuntis. Further information follows. Period for all future 12th and 13th grades: April 12-14, 2021


(In addition, all future FOS12 classes choose the 2nd compulsory elective between April 26 and 28, 2021.)

Our tips for making the right decision:

Choose what really interests you, keeping the following considerations in mind.
The subjects are taught for 2 hours, with the exception of Spanish and French, which take place for 4 hours.

If you want to receive the general Abitur after the 13th grade in the field of business and administration, then you have to prove a second foreign language and should also state this as your first request. If, for example, you can already sufficiently prove another foreign language from your previous school, this is not necessary or possible.

If you are registered for the international economy course, you will unfortunately no longer be able to study another foreign language with us.
Some subjects are not nc-capable. What does that mean for you?
Many different achievements are added up to calculate the professional qualification grade. A few less good half-year performances (3 at the BOS, 6 at the FOS) are deleted.
The achievements from the non-nc-capable subjects cannot be included and thus reduce two possibilities for cancellation.
You should nevertheless choose these subjects if you simply want to have fun with it, want to work without printing grades, or if you see this subject as a useful addition to yourself.

We wish you a good decision!