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Senior Swapnil Sharma, business development manager, reveals her superpower and why she spends a lot of time listening to suppliers.

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Along with our entrepreneurs, suppliers are an important pillar that keeps Meesho's foundation strong, and it's up to the Business development team to feed this pillar. And Swapnil Sharma in her role as Senior Business Development Manager ensures that she and her team are always there to patiently listen to supplier inquiries and to give priority to solving their problems.

Swapnil listens on purpose and uses this superpower to help our suppliers in times of need. While working at Meesho, Swapnil also learned about the various nuances of business development and uses them to not only achieve her team's goals, but also to help Meesho reach new heights.

Would you like to learn how Swapnil has honed their skills, helped Meesho suppliers in their times of need, and steadily grew different categories on the Meesho app? Read on to find out:

I'm 2018 as a Business Development Manager too Meesho come with great excitement, because I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work in a dynamic startup like ours. Before Meesho, I worked in established companies like INDIAMART and IIBM Institute of Business Management t where my role as a business development executive is primarily Customer care was. But when I eagerly decided to have one Graduated from ITM University in Gwalior with an MBA in Marketing and HR after doing BTech at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya University in Indore , a surface-level job in business development is not what I envisioned.

During my career, I didn't just want to make customers happy and retain them. I also wanted to find the right customers, introduce them to a company that I believe in, speak their language and have them on board, and make sure that all of their needs are met. Fortunately, I can do all of that and a few more at Meesho.

In recent years I have not only been able to learn the inner workings of business development, but also work on my own strengths and weaknesses . The working culture at Meesho is such that every employee has the opportunity to share their ideas with their managers and colleagues to share. This is not a quality that I have enjoyed in my previous jobs.

Do your job, earn respect

Not only that, your Meeshoiten help you to help your ideas get better and also support you in putting them into practice. Most importantly, I have the freedom to work the way I want without any form of micromanagement. I couldn't be more proud of my job or my colleagues. This is exactly the kind of work culture I envisioned when I chose business development as a career path.

As long as you have good ideas and are willing to work hard, you will succeed. Meesho - this is my takeaway.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work in different supplier categories, although at the beginning I was tasked with recruiting new suppliers for different categories that we were launching at the time. At the time, there was no clear system for determining what type of supplier we were looking for in which category. But over time, I had to manage individual categories, starting with kurtis than I myself Rahuls [Singh; Senior Business Development Lead] Team a few months after joining the company.

Since then, I've been working on categories like western clothing, ethnic men's clothing, jewelry, winter clothing, etc. From finding great marketplaces to finding ideal locations to find the right suppliers, I've done everything I can to meet our team and company's supplier goals.

In fact I have was rewarded for my performance by the management in February, March and April 2020, one after the other. During the blocking period, the head of the BD team, Abhishek Shrivastava, sent me a thank you email for my contribution to the growth of the company. .

Listen to suppliers, solve their problems

I think this was only possible because of me listens to our suppliers - potential and current. I consider listening my superpower and make sure I pay close attention to what a supplier tells me and I focus on ways to remove their barriers. As a company is our overriding goal Making entrepreneurs successful and while we focus on it, we may forget to keep our suppliers happy. But in my work I have to prioritize suppliers and their needs over everything else, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Not only does this help our existing suppliers to be satisfied, but it also leads to them referring me to other suppliers as well. I never had to call my suppliers every other day to convince them to stay on the Meesho app. I just make sure I am ready to offer my services to them when they contact.

As a Senior Business Development Manager who is my current role, my main focus is on determining supplier size - how well would a supplier perform on the Meesho platform? How many of their products would our entrepreneurs and their customers appeal to? How are their prices compared to other e-commerce portals? We need to consider all of this before including a supplier.

Currently my team and I are working on Brand labels where we specifically look for a certified trend and include the suppliers who can offer this trend alone. For example, if I were looking for suppliers on board for underwear in Western clothing, I could specifically look only for embroidered and printed palazzos. The brands I have on board must be able to meet the requirements for them.

Keep learning to keep growing

This just happens to be a new facet of my job that I'm learning and I couldn't be more excited. I am constantly learning from the people around me and finding innovative ways to achieve my goals. Each role that I have taken on at Meesho has brought a number of new challenges and I am happy with my performance in each of these roles.

I. Credit according to the core value of Think 10X to the T for my success at Meesho. I think this core value is absolutely necessary to achieve great heights at Meesho as the company's goals are ambitious and the growth is dynamic and constant. If you focus on everyday life and your expenditure is not large-scale, you are left behind. Sustained success depends heavily on planning for the future.

At Meesho, I feel like I've found my co-workers and have the opportunity to work in the field. I love to have honed with the skills I'm proud of. I look forward to many more happy years as Meeshoite.

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