If you could meet Jesus, you would

What would you ask god if you could?

Blue: Travel to the beginning of all life on earth and travel to the end of the world. Nothing would happen to you and you would be the only person to know about it because you would have seen it with your own eyes.

Orange: You could design your own look, what hair color, eye color, what body type and also what gender. You could design yourself according to your preferences and would be completely satisfied with your appearance.

Green: You would have a clone that goes to work for you, keeps unpleasant appointments and also cleans your home.

Pink: Understand the languages ​​of all people and animals and be able to speak them yourself, you could make a lot of money from them professionally or you could campaign for human and animal rights.

Purple: You could travel to the parallel universe and see how your life would have gone if you had made opposite decisions.

Yellow: You could be frozen for 10 years and wouldn't notice anything, then after the 10 years you wake up and can live a year. Then you will see how the world changes every 10 years. You could do research, write books about it. Perhaps less for family people and more for workhorses who have a great curiosity about future developments.

Red: You would never get sick again and you can no longer feel any physical pain. You can only die from an accident or murder, but not from illness.