What is the country code for Belgium?

International code to Belgium

Area code: +32 or 0032

Calling from Germany to Belgium

To call from Germany to Belgium dial 0032 and then the number.

If you call Belgium from Germany, you can reduce the costs by using a call-by-call provider. It is also worth considering calling via Internet telephony (Skype, Sipgate) then the call costs almost nothing.

Make calls within Belgium

If you are in Belgium and want to make a phone call, the following note:

In Belgium it was stipulated that all telephone numbers within Belgium must always be dialed including the area code. This corresponds in fact to the abolition of the area code, since now all phone numbers always contain an "area code". It is not known whether all telephone numbers in Belgium must begin with a 0. But some countries also issue special phone numbers / mobile phone numbers without a leading zero.

Calling from Belgium to Germany

To dial abroad from Belgium, i.e. to make international calls, "00" must be pre-dialed and then the country code (e.g. 49 for Germany). If you want to call from Belgium to Germany, you choose 0049 and then the usual area code + phone number (Belgium to Switzerland: 0041, Belgium to Austria: 0043). So if you want to call from Belgium (Brussels) to Germany (Berlin) then dial: "0049 30xxxxxxxx".