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In the Speed ​​Force

In the Speed ​​Force
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In the Speed ​​Force is the twenty-first episode of the second season and the forty-fourth overall episode of The Flash. The episode has a release from 12 years to get. [1]

Consequences description of the sender

Wells ’plan went wrong: The accelerator explosion again caused Barry to literally disintegrate into its component parts. After a vision of Cisco, the team does not give up hope to get Barry back safe and sound. Meanwhile, the team has to take care of Girder, who is up to mischief in Central City; Iris volunteers as a decoy to catch the meta-being. (Text: ProSieben FUN)

Plot of the episode

Barry disintegrated in the particle accelerator explosion. Wally and Jesse had since broken out of their "prison" and entered the main office at the moment of the explosion. They were both irradiated with dark matter. When they are found, Wally wakes up quickly, while Jesse only comes back to life with a heart pressure massage. Cisco can't believe it yet and touches the remains of the flash suit, while he has a vision that Barry shows him alive.

Barry wakes up in his childhood room the day after his mother's murder. However, it soon turns out that he is in the SpeedForce. He can't go back until he's caught the black thing that's running down the street.

It now becomes clear that Jesse is in a coma and won't wake up, Henry asks for the files, old Dr. Wells. These are in the basement and Cisco and Iris go to get them. There they are suddenly attacked by a meta-being. However, Girder is only interested in his freedom.

Cisco and Harry try to connect to Barry and get him out of the Speedforce. However, Barry decides on his skills and there he still has to learn a lot and let go.

The problems with Girder in Central City can be traced back to an old pattern. So the team tries to get him into the S.T.A.R. with Iris as bait. To pilot labs and fix them there. The plan to defeat him with strong magnetic fields fails. The only option left is to withdraw into the portal room. This last door withstood the attacks for a while.

In the SpeedForce, Barry finds a way to find peace with the death of his mother and regains his strength. When the team tries again to get him to Earth 1, he is ready and comes back. Just in time to start a plan against grinders. When the repair of the magnetic fields is not finished in time, Barry resorts to a new, and once successful, remedy. He creates the magnetic fields himself. Then he goes to Jesse and his powers wake her out of the coma.

After the reconciliation with his father Henry, he goes with Iris to his mother's grave. There the two confess their mutual love.

Zoom is still in the CCPD with Caitlin and blackmailed her to stay with him. He gives a short speech to his friends, about 50 meta-beings who want to rule this world.


  • Flash is getting its skills back


Unused scenes

  • Harrison and Henry stand at Jesse's bedside. Harrison says that he did a lot of bad things to protect his daughter. Henry replies that it doesn't matter what parents try, the world always finds a way to hurt children. You can't protect them, you can only be there for them when something has happened.
    (1 minute 15 seconds)