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This offshoot of the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" revolves around the everyday life of a group of young adults who live together in a chic residential complex in Los Angeles. As different as their social backgrounds are their dreams and problems. And finally, everyone tries to get their lives under control as best they can between weddings, affairs, illness and crime.

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  • Tanzmaus194 am

    Apart from Jo Reynold, I didn't like any of the female characters, they were all too left and sneaky for me. Out of men, Jake was my favorite, even though he was a real slut. He really had a relationship with every woman, Jo (best suited), Amanda, Jane, Sydney, Alison. If Brooke hadn't drowned, he would have had her too.
  • LuckyVelden2000 (born 1963) on

    I'm now cornered at episode 103 and I think Jane's new hairstyle is really great, suits her better than the short-scraped one. Brooke Armstrong is a real beast like the one who tied poor, stupid, naive Billy to herself, Amanda's double life, her secret marriage has been exposed and her husband has turned up at Melrose Place. Really exciting season the 4th season as before the 3rd season with the crazy Kimberly. She seems to be developing into a fairy godmother, which doesn't suit her at all. The women from Melrose Place are really beastier than the men from Melrose Place. And Michael is diligently involved. It's a shame that he and Jane went apart they were the dream couple. At the end of season 1, he turns into a real disgust.
  • LuckyVelden2000 (born 1963) on

    I'm now in season 2 A pile of rubble and ashes where Allison's alcohol problems are slowly but surely taking shape. Really crude. From this season onwards, Melrose Place was a soap so far. The opening credits could have been changed. Jane sucking on the straw was annoying for 2 years. Faith only changes more clearly in season 3 and it is completely different in season 4.
  • LuckyVelden2000 (born 1963) on

    If I summarize correctly, Melrose Place is the offshoot of Beverly Hills 90210 although there are a lot of worlds between these series and Models Inc. is the offshoot of Melrose Place
    Two offshoots have already been created
  • LuckyVelden2000 (born 1963) on

    Thank you ben
    I thought the role was very good, it would have suited Jake well and I liked her biting bitchy manner. It's a shame I never saw the actress again. With the role of Jo Beth Reynold one wrote a similar character in the series. Only Jo wasn't an actress but a photographer. It's a shame that she went to Boisnien later. Jake and Jo are and were a dream couple who pulled themselves together again and again
    Michael and Jane's marriage came to an end at the end of season 1. The series took on soap-like features in the last episodes of season 1. It took a long time for the series to pick up speed. Still, I liked her from the start. Maybe because you know her from earlier on from RTL? From which season does the series with the offshoot Models Inc begin?

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From the Television lexicon by Michael Reufsteck and Stefan Niggemeier (as of 2005): 227-part US soap by Darren Star (“Melrose Place”; 1992–1999).
Love, vice, affairs and intrigue in a clique of 20 to 30 year olds who live on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. These include Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro), a young doctor who also does the caretaker's job and thus saves the rent; Michael's wife Jane (Josie Bissett); Rhonda Blair (Vanessa Williams), Jane's friend, an aerobics instructor; Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton), Jane's sister; construction worker and heartthrob Jake Hanson (Grant Show); Alison Parker (Courtney Thorne-Smith), who rises from receptionist to advertising strategist; the scheming Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear), Alison's boss, until she goes into business for herself; Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue), Alison's fiancé, who drives a taxi, likes to be a writer and later also works in the advertising agency; the gay social worker Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) and Sandy Louise Harling (Amy Locane), who works in a pub.
Sandy wants to become an actress and leaves Melrose Place when she is offered a role. Rhonda goes away too. Michael has an affair with Dr. Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross), divorced Jane and married her sister Sydney and later Megan Lewis (Kelly Rutherford), a former prostitute. Billy first marries Brooke Armstrong (Kristin Davis), then Samantha Reilly (Brooke Langton), but also divorces the latter. The photographer Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) will also be new to Melrose Place in the near future; Dr. Peter Burns (Jack Wagner), Michael's archenemy, who marries ex-criminal Eve (Rena Sofer) after an affair with Amanda; Kyle McBride (Rob Estes), who runs a restaurant, and wife Taylor (Lisa Rinna); Craig Field (David Charvet); Jennifer Mancini (Alyssa Milano), Michael's sister; Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper (Linden Ashby) and his ex-wife, the scheming Lexi Sterling (Jamie Luner).
Matt later dies in a car accident. Samantha and Coop leave the city, as does Billy, who emigrates to Rome with Jennifer. Kyle and Amanda get married. Kyle's brother Ryan (John Haymes-Newton) comes to town and falls in love with Megan. The two end up getting married. Michael and Jane become a couple again, and Peter and Amanda get back together too. Eve wants to kill both of them, and so they finally fake their deaths in order to be able to start an undisturbed new life on a South Sea island.
Spin-off from Beverly Hills, 90210. The couple-swap game was the same, except that people here always got married the same way. Jennie Garth played her role as Kelly Taylor in some of the first few episodes. Aaron Spelling was also the producer of this series, which RTL showed in a double pack with Beverly Hills, 90210 on Saturday afternoon.

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