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we cannot accept
This amendment we can not acceptif we take into account the principle of subsidiarity.
Such a blunt approach we can not accept.
And the we can not accept.
The we can not accept said the couple to ZDF.
At the same time, we can not acceptthat an objection to such a point of view is reasonable.
At the same time we can not accept that an objection to such a point of view, reasonable.
No Unfortunately we can not accept Credit cards
In short, such a mockery we can not accept.
Also parts of the report we can not accept.
The we can not acceptand our President should make this clear.
Such a "three star" category we can not accept.
Amendment 22 during the term of the regulation we can not accept.
The proposed inclusion of further animal by-products in Category 1 we can not accept.
We cannot accept the proposed inclusion of additional animal by-products in Category 1.
This proposal we can not acceptbecause it contradicts the rules of comitology.
And such statements we can not accept.
There we can not acceptthat the position of the Council will be weakened as of the entry into force.
Where this aspect is concerned, we cannot accept any weakening of the Council's position regarding the date from which the regulations are to come into force.
Amendment 1 we can not accept.
A cultural genocide of this kind we can not accept.
A cut in the agricultural budget we can not accept.
The we can not accept, Commissioner.
Amendment 2 we can not acceptbecause trailers do not fall under this scope at all.
We cannot accept Amendment No 2 because trailers are definitely not covered by these provisions.
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