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Home Training: Americana - 10 Rockabilly Licks You Need To Know!

by Martin Schmidt,

Aloha and welcome to the fourth installment of the Americana workshop. Today everything revolves around rockabilly.

As an introduction to the style, which is made up of country, blues, hiccups and the obligatory lard, there are 10 licks of the most stylish guitarists of the fifties.

(The notes / tabs can be enlarged by clicking on them!)

Lick 1

A cool intro by Paul Burlison, the guitarist of the Johnny Burnette Trio, which mixes G major, G mixo and G minor in an anarchic way. The jazz theorist is getting gray hair - but it sounds cool!

Lick 2

The G power chord and the minor third are enough to accompany the rockabilly boogie .... Listen to the complete song that starts in minor, but continues with the IV and V in major.

Lick 3

This intro to “All By Myself” is very close to country and only needs the E major pentatonic and two bends - ideally hit close to the bridge for the right twang!

Lick 4

Scotty Moore uses Travis picking to accompany one of my favorite King songs.

Lick 5

A fun solo lick that starts with double stops and a bass line and ends in A mixolydian.

Lick 6

In the Heartbreak Hotel there is nothing to laugh about, but the blues with the E minor pentatonic and a dirty semitone bend at the end.

Lick 7

Cliff Gallup's signature lick that appears in almost every rockabilly song. Pull it off, baby!

Lick 8

Chromatics, fourths, diminished fifths ... sounds almost jazzy, but it's pure rock'n roll.

Lick 9

The three-way slider and numerous double stops create the Chuck Berry sound.

Lick 10

An I-VI-IV-V with dismantled chords is the standard accompaniment for the rockabilly bouncer ballad and all "teenagers in love" ... (languishing!)

Have fun with the licks and until the next episode, in which we will delve a little deeper into the matter. As always, you can get rid of feedback, criticism and requests at [email protected]

(published in Guitar & Bass 07/2019)

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