Regular yogurt is just strained Greek yogurt

Doogh / Ayran from scratch

I have no idea why it starts with Greek yogurt. Wherever I had it - made at home, in a restaurant, or bought ready-made - it only contained yogurt, water and salt. (The ratio varies depending on your taste). This includes Ayran, which is made in traditional Turkish restaurants by Turkish owners. I also can't think of any practical reason why real (strained) Greek yogurt could make a difference. The whey does not have a strong taste on its own, and as little as it has, it resembles the yogurt itself, so you probably won't notice any difference. You just lose the nutrients from the whey.

Real Greek yogurt is not available in some countries, and what you sell as "Greek yogurt" is actually double the fat sour cream, but with the same protein and lactose content as regular yogurt. This might have some taste difference compared to Ayran with plain yogurt, but in my eyes it will be a negative change. If you use the same ratio of yogurt to water as with regular yogurt, you will get too much fat, which is not pleasant with ayran (which is mostly a refreshing drink). If you use double the water ratio to keep the amount of fat the same, you will get a lot less flavor.

Bottom line: go with the regular yogurt. Not only is it cheaper, it's the traditional, time-tested way of getting delicious ayran.


Thanks rumtscho. So far I've tried making it from commercial Greek yogurt (chobani) and it's not as good as real business.