Melania spoke French to Ms. Macron

Brigitte Macron on Melania Trump: "She is not even allowed to open a window"

After her state visit to Washington, the French première lady Brigitte Macron reveals some details about the life and character of her American colleague Melania Trump

Brigitte Macron, 68, in a good mood: After her state visit to Washington, the première lady spoke to French media representatives about her American colleague Melania Trump, 48, and gave surprising insights into the life of the difficult-to-see woman at Donald Trump's side. Melania Trump was "friendly, charming, intelligent and very open," quoted the French newspaper "Le Monde" as saying the 68-year-old.

Brigitte Macron polishes the image of Melania Trump

The American woman's often pinched expression has nothing to do with her true nature. "On the contrary, it is very funny," said Macron, according to the paper, adding: "We have the same sense of humor. We laugh a lot together." Melania Trump seems to be aware - and wanted by her - that the public perception of the native Slovenian differs greatly from her private character. "She is someone who has a strong personality, but works hard to hide it. She laughs very easily, at everything, but shows it less than I do," continued Brigitte Macron.

Trapped in the White House

At their meeting, the two women also exchanged views on their lives as first ladies - with frightening insights for the French woman. Because life in the White House is much more strictly regulated than yours in Paris. "Melania can't do anything," said President Emmanuel Macron's wife. The 48-year-old was very restricted by the security precautions. Melania Trump couldn't even just open a window. The Secret Service immediately demanded that it be closed again.

A life like a prisoner compared to the life that Brigitte Macron leads in France. While she can move freely in the French capital, Donald Trump's wife is not allowed to step outside the door.

This outfit proves Melania Trump still has it!

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